Getting a Macaw companion for my B&G male?


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May 19, 2014
should i get a male or female blue and gold macaw?i have a male b&g already.pls help?

I'm looking at getting another macaw for my 6 month old male blue and gold macaw, the 2 i am looking at are both also blue and gold macaws. one is female and one is male, i have been told it would be less trouble if i just got the male but i am unsure and was wanting some second opinions?
I was told once the female hits maturity i would have a whole lot of trouble between the two, i don't want them to breed so i need to keep that in mind, i'm leaning more towards getting the male but i just wanted to possibly get some tips?
much appreciated
- Stacey
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i have posted on a few different websites and can't seem to find any tips anywhere, so any would be greatly appreciated

- stacey
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By getting the second one, it does not mean they will like each other even if the other one is a female. I have Willie first as he's been with us for 10 years as Lola have been here for a year. They do not like each other what so ever. Even getting both males, it does not mean they won't fight, especially once hormone hits. Best to give each of them space of their own whichever direction you go with.
Please don't go out and get another big mac because you think they will be friends (regardless of sex). There are NO guarantees they will ever get along. As long as you know this, but still would like a second macaw, then I'd say get another male to prevent issues in the future.

I was incredibly fortunate that my B&G and GW took to each other. I allow them to interact with each other on 2 huge Java trees pushed together several hours a day. But they each have their own cage - I would never cage them together, as even males can bond so much with each other, that they'd rather be with each other than with you.
1. If your big mac is bonded to you - they are pair bond birds - the new bird could be seen as an intruder and attacked.

2. If they bond with each other, they could lose their bond with you.

3. If they both bond with you, that's pick me up - and pick me up too! (Trust me, I have first hand experience with this one!) I actually took in two more awhile back, boarding a friend's two while she was out of town. That made it impossible for me to do anything, because I had FOUR macaws on my person at any given time. (Pick one up, the jealousy thing kicks in, gotta pick them all up!)

Yeah, for a week I was a human macaw playstand...

So, first find out if your bird is actually interested in having a friend.
I think your bird is too young to add another so soon. I would really worry that your bird would bond with the new bird and reject you. I've seen many people post that has happened and then they break the bond getting rid of the new bird. Which is terrible for the poor birds.

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