1. TeekoGreenCheek

    Have you ever had Boba?

    So on our vacation, my wife was like we gotta get Bobba from this Japanese Restaurant she said it was delicious. I NEVER heard of it before and im curious if anyone has tried it? Because this is something someone shouldn't be missing out on. It's pretty much made of whatever fruit you like, and...
  2. 4 way borbs

    parakeet NAME VOTE

    Tomorrow I'm getting 2 new babies for my b-day! im planning to get a blue or white bird cause no offence to Andy or anything but i think they are a tiny bit pretter than greenys so here are the name ideas melody jewel cloud summer lapis butter amber cream opal fern irene echo -pepper
  3. TeekoGreenCheek

    Can we Talk about Shoebills?

    I really wanted to just post this..because these birds are beautiful. They are almost human like..the most Angelic Birds ever..Nature is just amazing. Their like the protector of all birds
  4. TeekoGreenCheek

    Teeko almost broke his leg!

    So sad weekend for teeko guys.. I wanna post this for people so they know this can HAPPEN!..and, to make sure you check your cages!! So with that being said.. I came home from work, And I didn't hear Teeko start yelling because... he usually does when he hears the I automatically knew...
  5. TeekoGreenCheek


    Teeko is a Cinnamon Conure he was adopted from Pet Smart, he actually wasn't (just honesty) My wife and I walked up to Teeko, and it was love at first sight. He wasn't just ordinary..Teeko was special and, we could tell, he was alone, and he loved the attention. He was scraping...
  6. TeekoGreenCheek

    Teeko wants Froot Loops?

    Absolutely not Teeko.. lol! Hes getting to smart people
  7. Teeko


    Teeko is a froot loop
  8. TeekoGreenCheek

    Teeko Refuses Fruit Help.

    I have had Teeko my green cheek conure for about 3 weeks now, im learning alot about conures as i go, Teeko is learning alot as well. But i need some help on getting fruit into his tummy. I adopted him from pet smart, and im pretty sure they never gave him fruit or veggies and only seeds...
  9. Houdini & Doddie

    Houdini & Doddie

    Houdini (male) and Doddie (female)
  10. π•Ύπ–™π–”π–—π–’π–žπ•»π–Žπ–ˆπ–†

    The (informational) bird number game!!!

    So basically how you play this, is you answer a question each day (day 1= question 1 and so forth). You can do multiple birds of course! Hopefully in a little while there will be a nice collection of bird stuff! This is also a way you can make sure you and others are caring for their/your birds...
  11. Jynx Loves Grapes.

    Jynx Loves Grapes.

    Jynx eating grapes.
  12. Jynx Loves Grapes.

    Jynx Loves Grapes.

    Jynx eating grapes.
  13. T

    Newly added people

    Hi everyone, my name is Ty Marsh. I own Ty's Parrot Rescue in Steelton pa. :white1: :orange: :red1: :grey:
  14. H

    Share your bird related tattoos!

    I have several tattoos already but no bird ones yet. Let's see all your bird related tattoos!!!
  15. C

    Rehoming my umbrella cockatoos

    I thought I would drop you a line about my two umbrella cockatoos coco and razzle ... Coco was a rescued cockatoo who had a home from 1992 until 2005. when he bit his owners daughter and was given to me , coco was very sad and had began to pick his feathers... I set out to fix coco. new and...
  16. E

    Live food, insects, catching bugs

    Strange question but....a bit of a background story with question at the end, feel free to skip to the question ...when Kiwi was just a baby and before we realized we would need to keep him as he was already bonded to us and totally dependent on humans...there a short time where we stayed with...
  17. 1

    Species recommenation

    Hi everyone, I have one bird, he's a Black Capped conure named yuuki. Anyway, I'm looking at getting another bird, hopefully a larger species. Like a macaw or a cockatoo. I'm looking for a bird that won't bite other people that it's not used to, and won't scream at the top of its lungs every 3...
  18. J


    I bought a pair of cockatiel lutino, more like rescued, they are very timid, and I have a few questions. But first description of their condition. I got them from a pet shop, the owner didn't take care of these birds and stuffed them into a small cage with 4 more cockatiels, and had only seed...
  19. Midnightstarian

    A introduction

    Hi, i should have done this before but i must have forgotten. So i have a budgie who i have named Gears but his name has become more "Tink" short for "Tinkering" I don't know i just found it cute he likes discovering things. He is young the pet store said around 8-9 weeks old and he is...
  20. Midnightstarian

    Information and general discussion?

    Hello, i'm not yet ready to get a big bird iv'e just picked up my very first bird that's a budgie. I decided me going for a smaller bird would be the best option. Instead of jumping into the "I'm taking care of two year old in the body of a bird" I don't feel i'm ready for that i'm sure i could...