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Oct 8, 2006
South Africa
Dory - Cockatiel
Oh, we had a bad weekend so far. Well mostly my brother and his girlfriend. They bought a senegal a while ago and handreared it to a great fid. Kiki as it was called, flew away on Thursday. I dont know exactly how it happened, but they said that her wings was clipped, but i think they might have clipped it wrong.

Anyway, to top it all off, my brother (Johan) printed out some flyers and went to drop some off at houses and flats. When he was at the flat, and gave out the flyers, on his way back, his car was stolen. Well Cara-lee, his girlfriend, jumped on her scooter and found the car close to a empty field- thank goodness. They did almost destroy the whole car inside, stole everything, broke seats etc.

Well to make matters worse, Cara-lee was bitten by the the dogs where they are renting at. So, i dont think their week can get any worse.

And as for Kiki, we can just hope someone finds him/her and takes it as their pet. Thats the bad thing about birds that are not banded, they are found but cant be easily returned to the right owner.

I think this week will be better atleast, hope so...

Awww I'm sooo Sorry I will pray that things get better I hate weekends where everything falls apart weekends are supposed to be relaxing.
Oh Wilma, I'm so sorry that your brother and his grilfriend have had such a bad time of it just lately. Sending special hugs
. Hopefully someone will see all the fliers that he has put out and he will get his precious senegal home again.

I hope that Cara-Lee isn't too badly hurt, dog bites can be really nasty. Sending more hugs
to her.

Please keep us informed on this.
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Seems like she is looking into getting a new parrot already. I think its to get over her senegal faster. Well, you guys must help me, i told her i would check out some other kinds of birds, because she doesnt really want to get another senny again. So any suggestions would be great, something like the senny, also in the poicephales family. :confused:

Thanks, this would be my first parrot hunt for someone else. As for Kiki, well, if he does show up in the meen while, that would be a bonus!!!

Talk to ya guys soon!:)
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Got good news, my brother was here last night and they are getting their new Sennie today. The guy is coming to deliver it off at her work, so his very nice. ;) Will post pics this weekend, they are coming to visit and then i can post some pictures!!!:D

Well, she got a sennie again, its difficult to get the other kinds around here, they only breed in winter here, and are overall scarce to get. Guess its cause the sennie has already established itself as the best pet around here!!!

Thanx Peta for the info, i am broody, and would like a little sennie, they seem to be very cute, but i already have too many cages in the house, my mom will get a heartattack:eek:

Will keep you posted on the new arrival!!
Glad it all worked out for your brother. As for the ones who stole the car i have one word KARMA. And it will bite you on the bum I garrentee that much.:) :)

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