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Jan 30, 2014
Sioux City, IA
<3 RIP Zero - M Cockatiel
<3 RIP Thaii - F Budgie
Mango - M Cockatiel
Peaches - F Cockatiel
Hello, I hope I get to be an active member here on this forum, sharing my love of my one cockatiel and two budgies. C:

I'm still a student in High School and I'm studying for an Art Career (Doing free college AP art classes atm, and other awesome stuff!) I really love drawing birds, canines, felines, and many others. ^_^ I'm occasionally doing Graphic Design/Digital artwork.

I'm not much of a big talker really, and my image i guess seems shy, even posting something on this forum will make me feel so shyy! Well pretty much I joined this forum for tips of training, and getting to know more and having fun sharing my birds also! :white1: I have a male gray cockatiel, and a pair of budgies, and they're pretty much together for like a year. My cockatiel started clicker training recently, and in need of tips for my male budgie since he's older. ^-^ My female is just in love and smart as she is.

So thank you for even reading this and I appreciate whoever welcomes me, if anyone do. c:


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Welcome Thi! You have adorable little birdies :) very talented artist too... Cute!
Hello and welcome! Your birds are gorgeous. So happy you joined us:)

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