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  1. Hermia

    Hermia and Puck

    Okay, so my name isn't really Hermia, but I thought it was fitting to choose a user name from the same Shakespeare play from which I took my bird's name. I have been following the forum since I first started researching the possibility of bringing a parrot into our lives, about three years ago...
  2. U

    New Member! Baby Parakeet Advice ?

    Hi, I’m a bit of a new bird owner, I only got my parakeet six months ago, Her name is Adaline and she isnt yet 1, I’m not sure how old she is exactly but she was very young when I got her. I’m getting a bit concerned about her recent behavior because she has always been very friendly and open to...
  3. W

    Hello from Martin, Whiskey and Nebula

    Hi everyone, my name is Martin and I am joining along with my two lovebirds Whiskey and Nebula. :blue2::whiteblue: They´re blue, just born last year (June and September) and absolutely amazing. I wanted to join this forum to talk some more to other lovebird owners and get more experience...
  4. M

    Hello, Everyone!

    I decided to join this forum because I thought it would be great to read other peoples experiences owning an Indian Ringneck. I am not planning on getting one until next year, if I do still think the IRN is the right bird for myself and my family. I am almost 23, married stable job and have a...
  5. W

    Newbie alert

    Hi guys! My name is Bhairvi and I live in Toronto, Canada. I have two birds : GCC - Ollie (my pretty princess) Cockatiel - Charlie (my handsome boy) Excited to be here! Thanks :greenyellow:
  6. awesomechick

    i'm new here

    Hi everyone. My name is Gracie and i'm from Africa. I love animals in general but i have the cutest African Grey. He's 4 years old and he copies almost everything. Thanks for having us here.:)
  7. N

    Rescue Budgie

    Hey Everyone i am new here and hoping i can learn from you all as I today came home with a rescue budgie i normally rescue wild birds. This tiny albino budgie was in a garden centre that i happened to be in and i noticed her she was tiny compared with the other budgies. Her flight feathers on...
  8. JettIsTheDevil

    New Member with a Galah x Corella Hybrid

    Hi! As you can see by my username, I have a pet Galah x Corella (otherwise known as “Apricot Galahs”) who is the literal spawn of the Devil (sometimes). I have done a little research on his specific cross breed but I have found very little information on them. Which is how I came across this...
  9. M

    I bring many birbs

    Was browsing google and found this so, here we are. I have 7 birds, all bratty as can be but still lovable little fluffbutts. From largest to smallest: Jimbo (Nine year old red lored amazon) Evo (1 year old orange winged amazon) Mango (1 year old sun conure) Pineapple (1 year old pineapple...
  10. T

    New Member doing my research

    Hello everyone! I am a new member from NC. I strongly believe in doing your research before bring home a new family member. I work from home and my 14 year old son is home schooled, so someone usually home. We have one senior rescue mix breed dog, 4 year old Boston Terrier, and a 3 year old...
  11. S

    My lovebirds don’t love eachother, any advice?

    Hello fellow bird owners :) I just registered this account, mainly to ask advice on what to do with my love birds, but I’m already so excited about everything! Lol and I can already see myself being on this site allot. I mean just look at these parrot emojis!! :green1::red::orange::blue1...
  12. nebulamori

    New member & GCC parent!

    Hello!! My name is Tori, and Nova is my turquoise GCC is 3 months old as of today, and for the past few weeks we have gotten along very well :) Whenever I've had questions over the past two years regarding owning a bird, this website had always been the first to come up with exactly what I...
  13. ConureMom1993

    New member

    I’ve never posted anything to a forum before so hopefully this will turn out alright. I’m new to the role of parrot ownership, my current bird being my first. I’m like a new mother and nervous about every little thing that “goes wrong”. Arugula or “Rue” is my rescued cinnamon green cheek conure...
  14. S

    Hello everyone!

    Hi everyone, I own a 9 week old sun conure named Sammy. I thought it would be a good idea to join because I love to learn all about conures. I'm so excited to see him grow and learn, he has so much personality already!
  15. A

    New Lovebird Parent

    Hello all, Back in November, I purchased two young Lovebirds (I was told they were about two months old; Both of their beaks were about 75% brown) from a breeder. I previously owned Budgies when I was a child, although I didn't quite know how to tame them back then. I've watched various...
  16. Jferrand526

    Hello Everyone!!

    Hello my name is Jen! I am so glad to finally join this community! To tell you a little bit about myself, I own 4 birds. Tango the sun conure. Comet the pineappaple greencheek conure, Echo the yellow sided greencheek conure, and Arrow the cockatiel. All of my babies are between the ages of...
  17. K

    New Member! First time Large Bird Owner!

    Hello everyone! I am new to the site, and new to large bird ownership. I have had plenty of small and medium birds (cockatiels, lovebirds, parakeets, etc) but recently adopted my first large bird. He is a 12-15 year old Blue front Amazon:green::). His temperament seems good for the environment...
  18. L

    Member with Grey needs help!

    Hi, My name is Linus. I am the owner of a 5 year old Congo African Grey. I came to this place seeking help to stop my Grey from plucking. It is difficult for me because I was stupid enough to get her as my first parrot and she does not like me (bites me real hard), so it's hard to do anything...
  19. 0

    Hi there!

    I'm new to the bird world! I have adopted a Congo African Grey. Her name was Carmen originally, so we kept it. I love all sorts of animals, but like I said, I'm a beginner bird owner. I joined this website for a little guidance! I've done tons of research, especially before adoption. I can take...
  20. S

    Hello from Minnesota!

    Hi Everyone, I finally decided to join the parrot forum and take my bird care and ownership to the next level. I have a Jenday conure (Mojo) who is an approximately 8 year old rescue and Dexter (age unknown) a Quaker also a rescue. We also have a ring-necked dove (Cooey) I have been working...