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Mar 14, 2007
Iggy- YCA
After reading the 500 posts that happened while I was gone....

Hey everyone! Finally got home last night, after a very long two weeks. Minimal sunburning, which is an accomplishment for me! Missed my cats a ton, Chase a little, Iggy when I forgot how hard he bites, and of course you guys most of all!! The two weeks consisted of a lot of drama with my roommates, who I go to school with, because there were 22 girls there and all that estrogen in one place is never good. But I got to go into a tank with sick dolphins, go behind the scenes at SeaWorld, and Mote and Clearwater, all aquariums...Hug a manatee and a penguin, etc etc. I didn't get to do a wild dolphin capture because there was no funding for it this year, which was really disappointing :( But I'm just glad to be home.

Chase managed to keep all of the animals alive while I was gone, miraculous. Like I said in the last post Iggy was really good until Friday, then tried to eat Chase. Apparently he didn't want to go back in his cage. :eek: Anyway, he seems to be glad I'm home, but still a little excited and scary so I'm giving him time to chill out. Going to try to play with him on the couch a little today, see if he likes the attention...I will keep an oven mitt nearby.

I must say that I am amused by this Redballoon character...and how all of his comments end up getting threads closed. He might be even more fun to harass then Tex, we'll see. Anyway, glad to see the forum survived without me for 2 weeks, I was pretty worried ;)
We are so glad you are back Minzer, you have been missed, and yeah you'll be able to wind Red up no end. I think he may just have met his match this time. :D

I'm glad that everyone seemed to survive even though it sounds like a very close call for poor Chase,

Sounds like you had a pretty full schedule but it sounds real fun apart from all that estrogen trapped together :eek:,

We've missed you and glad that you are back with us.
About time, Chi stopped picking on me ... I was getting bored ... glad someone came back to keep me on my feet! Welcome back!
I must say that I am amused by this Redballoon character...and how all of his comments end up getting threads closed. He might be even more fun to harass then Tex, we'll see.

Tex don't get too carried away Minzer has more important things to be doing now. :D :D
Bite your tongue, there is nothing more important than talking about our birds on this forum ...
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And so it begins :D Thanks for the welcome backs! Iggy has been somewhat of a nightmare today, but I still have all my body parts, so we'll count it as a good day.

Chi stopped picking on you Tex? That's somewhat disappointing...I guess I did notice a lack of sarcastic remarks heading in your direction...except from Redballoon, he has enough for everyone...and he was actually brave/stupid enough to take on all of the women as well...so he's at least been doing his part in my absence (not that I advocate his verbal assault on us girls and not that I want to bring up all that again and get MY thread shut down as well). So don't worry Tex, I'm here to continue with your daily verbal lashings, giving you a reason to wake up every morning :D
Oh, Joy :rolleyes: I can't wait ... can you go back to Florida for a few more weeks? :LOL: :D
Hey Welcome Back!

I think you need to start posting about Iggy in the Amazons section. I think I've started the last 7 threads or so and I'm starting to feel pretty lame.

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