Household dangers and sleep time for birds


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Jul 20, 2022
Hi guys :)

I recently found out that non-stick kitchen appliances can seriously harm a bird :/ I don't have a bird yet but I'm planning to get one and I want to make sure that my house is as bird-safe as possible.

Now apparently fry pans containing Teflon are toxic to birds. Thankfully I don't have any non-stick pans (I only have stainless steel and cast iron) but I'm not 100% sure if my oven is free of Teflon. The link to my oven is here if you are interested. I don't think my oven is self-cleaning but I will have to double check with the store just in case.

Also how many hours should birds sleep for? Our family usually wakes up at 7am and sleeps at 10pm on weekdays. Is that enough sleep time for a bird?


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Jul 10, 2015
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Near all range and stove manufactures do not use non-stick, surfaces as they are not considered a long life surface coating. The greatest wonder it the self-cleaning ovens as they commonly rely on high-temperatures to burn the droppings away and tend to set-off smoke alarms, etc. It is sad that we have lost the skill of simply placing a cooking sheet or like under what we are cooking in an oven.

"Now apparently fry pans containing Teflon are toxic to birds." Well, no, Teflon type products have been in the market place for decades and both Humans and Parrots can be vastly effected or die from exposure to their off-gassing. I look at it as just simply being attentive to what one is cooking and lower the heat level. We no longer teach cooking in schools any more and the result is non-stick cookware.

How long should a Parrot sleep is a question had has become common place. There are two basic beliefs with the most common being 10 to 12 hours of restful sleep. The other is connected to the Sun and its schedule. Your Parrot will quickly let you know if that schedule works for your Parrot.


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Nov 22, 2015
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Good on ya for checking things out first! As 'Boats here explained it's the high temperature that makes non-stick coatings gas off fumes that are deadly to parrots. Unfortunately those coatings are used on a lot of other products besides just cookware. Its commonly used on anything with a heating coil in it, as a corrosion preventative measure, and even some surprising uses. Some of these are:
Hair dryers
Waffle irons
Electric heaters
rice makers
bread makers
Microwave popcorn bags (yes they coat the inside of the bags!)
and other products

Don't be fooled by misleading advertising or box statements - like PFOA FREE. That is just to get around laws that prevent the usage of teflon. All they need do is alter the chemical makeup of the product by one molecule and they can make that statement. It is next to impossible to get a statement from any manufacturer on this point, seeing how every single product is Made In China, and Black and Decker, Kitchen-Aid, and every single other appliance maker out there has them made there. I've been to CHina many many times on business, the kind that took me into the industrial armpit of that country. The business ethic we are used to in the US and other places is absent there and if a manufacturer can shave a few pennies off the cost, by using a cheaper coating product, they do so without warning.

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