WARNING: Teflon, Non-stick Coatings, PFOA's and other coatings deadly to your Parrots


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Oct 9, 2016
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May 14, 2016
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Bless ya, Wrenchie. I remember back when (I THINK it was) Kentuckienne who posted a pic of a regular aluminum pan she had burned up, accidentally of course. She is one of the most scrupulous and careful parronts I know, yet that happened. She made the point that this was why she never has ANY dangerous teflon around. Because that makes a terrible accident possible, even with the most attentive cook!!!!!!!!!
Thanks for reminding us of the pervasive nature of PFAs, Wrench! It’s an insidious problem. In a side note, the ‘ceramic’ nonstick pans are made using something called ‘Sol-Gel’ which is basically a silicon-based slurry with various other metals, acid or base, sprayed on a pan and heated to form a ceramic-like coating.

It isn’t as durable as Teflon and the pans usually only last a couple of years, vs 10 years for a quality Teflon pan. The most durable pans are stainless steel, cast iron, and carbon steel - or real enameled cast iron. The cast iron and carbon steel pans accumulate a layer of carbon molecules called seasoning which makes them nonstick (think graphite lubricant) and if they get overheated or over cleaned or rusted they can be fully restored. Stainless can be cleaned and scrubbed.

Some sources say that ‘ceramic’ pans release small amounts of silicon oil when heated, and when that’s all gone the pans lose their non-stick quality, but that seems unlikely to me. Here is a well-written article where the author has a different theory which is plausible: the topmost layer of the ceramic coating has special molecules which are eventually abraded away. Here is the link for the science-curious:

I bought a toaster oven a couple years back with a stainless interior, not nonstick. I still set it up outside the house and used it several times at the highest setting to burn off whatever, and it seems safe. Same with space heaters and any appliance with a heat element - I keep it out of the house at first. So far so good.
Was this indeed youuuu, Side Chick?

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