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Jun 3, 2012
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Hello everyone, It has been sometime since my last post

We celebrated Pickle's 4th birthday, and then his 4th coming-home day this year.

But today my family finally agreed that the decision had to be made that he will not make it to 5. Certain things have gotten strikingly worse over just this week. Depending on the vets schedule and how we break it to my younger siblings, we probably have less than 2 weeks left with him.

His disease has not generally progressed quickly, and day to day you hardly notice the difference in him so waiting for an appointment at the vets shouldn't affect him too badly, only our own stressful anticipation in this house, but the time has finally caught up with him.

The point of this post then is I would like any and all Ideas that can make this the best 1-2 weeks ever!

Any sometimes-foods recipes that you have / ideas for foraging (he is very food driven) etc.
anything that I would not usually do or think of because while they may like it, it isn't the healthiest thing to give our fids.


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Aug 21, 2010
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Forgive me for not having an awareness of your past posts. I assume Pickle is in an advanced state of PBFD and you are contemplating euthanasia?

This is an agonizing outcome I've faced but once, and it was with a male Eclectus, victim of a terribly botched laser surgery to remove a tumor. My heart goes out to anyone contemplating such an ending, and you well know the emotional dread in making this decision. I would personally seek to delay this as long as he is eating and free of uncontrollable pain.

I cannot think of advice other than spending as much quality time with Pickle and letting him indulge in whatever behaviors bring happiness. For now, this is all about Pickle, and in the aftermath it will be for you and your siblings to heal over time.


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Jan 19, 2014
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My heart goes out to you and your family in this truly sad situation. I have had experience with another fatal disease, so in a way I know what you are going through. It's very hard. I lost a BW Pionus (same specie as my Raven), and she went down hill while staying at the hospital. I knew she wasn't going to live, and in hindsight I should have given her an extra special day at least, by the time I knew she needed to stay at the vet's.

I don't have a very creative suggestion, but just spend as much quality time with Pickle as possible, letting him do whatever he loves to do, let him pig out on all his favorite foods all day every day (try all foods on your dinner plate?), try your HARDEST not to show your sadness and sorrow around him. That will be very difficult, but showing it just might bring down HIS mood. Just let Pickle feel your love and the joy you have with him as best you can.


I encourage all to spend the extra money to get your newly acquired birds tested for PBFD, PDD, Polyoma and Psittacosis. IMO/IME a quarantine period is NOT always enough.
Psittacosis is bacterial and curable if caught early, but the others are viruses and are not curable, they are fatal.
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