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Feb 7, 2023
2 cockatiels
i got my 2 cockatiels from a breeder when they were 2 years old, they have been with me for around a year. they were fed on a seed mix only diet, and the breeder told me to continue feeding them a seed diet. i did a lot of research and have come to find that seed-only diets are horrible. i just ordered some zupreem pellets to change their diet. i know that i have to do it slowly so i got that covered. they dont like when i come close to them, and will not go close to my hand. i feel like they werent being treated right in their old home, so i really dont want to give up on them. they dont really like to come out of their cage but they still do sometimes. when they are out i try to offer them vegetables but they are not even interested. i think the main reason to them not gaining trust is the seed diet but im not sure.
can someone help out or give tips? thanks :)


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Jul 10, 2015
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Sadly, not surprised. Two year old birds are only available to be sold if they have been returned!. As you can tell, getting two parrots that have spent the last two years together are not going to rapidly fall in love with you. It's that three is a crowd thing.

You are faced with having to be the odd-one-out and need to build a trust-bond with them by being the source of only good things.

I have never liked the term; "I have completed a lot of research regard this or that" and never provide the actual source. Far to often its U-tube. The current general 'belief' is that all pellet diets is the correct method. That. belief has been in place long enough for its failings to begin showing. Point being feed all pellet diets are likely to be providing too much of a good thing, i.e.: causing issues regarding high levels of minerals and vitamins, and the problems caused by high volumes.

Parrots do best with a well balanced diet of fresh foods, common in their natural range with veggies and fruits. Pellets are added to provide a balance to what is provided, not as the sole source.


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Nov 22, 2015
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Hi and welcome.
If you are letting them out, how do you get them back in? If its chasing them around, that is a trust buster. Parrots are all about trust. THink of it like a bank, a trust bank. Everything you do should be measured by that - is this building trust or busting it. 'Boats nailed it with humans "being the source of only good things". Try and find out their favorite treat. Once you have that, drop a small bit of it in their food bowl or even a special bowl just for that, every time you pass the cage.

This going to take a long time to change, so be patient!

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