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Mar 18, 2022
1 parakeet male under 2 and 1 cockatiel male 7 mos.
I am new to the bird world. About 2 months ago I purchased my first cockatiel and a couple of weeks ago I purchased a parakeet. I was doing great with my cockatiel until last night. The parakeet has been very friendly, a little shy and a little scared, but otherwise good. I brought both birds in to get their wings clipped a few days ago and I was telling the clipper that I hadn't held the parakeet yet. That day I actually touched him after he got clipped...I was soooo excited!! Got them both home and everything was fine. They were a little quiet, but ok.
Yesterday I got up the courage to get the parakeet in my hand and did the walking thing through my hands, put him down, then did again a few times. I did get nipped at first, but it seemed like it was ok with the parakeet...I did treat him after each time.
Last night I went to put both birds to bed and NEITHER one of them wanted to let me put them in their cages. It was a struggle...even with millet. It's never a struggle.
I think I goofed everything up by grabbing the parakeet before he was fully ready and it affected the cockatiel as well. This morning, they both seemed ok, but my cockatiel, who I have a routine with in the morning, wasn't having it. It took extra long to get him to come out of his cage and the parakeet hasn't come out all day.
Did I really goof this up so much that I may have to start all over again?


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Feb 20, 2022
I'm also new to birds, but one thing I've learned in my past life working with other wild/feral animals is that no relationship is ruined if you can still understand what they are communicating to you.

I think the fact you are thinking about this and what steps to take will help you regain trust faster than if you'd blindly expected them to "act normally" toward you. Keep reading their body language and go at their pace. Even if you do end up needing to go back to basics and start over, my guess is that you'll get back to where you were sooner than expected ❀️


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Aug 30, 2021
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Patience. Lots of patience.
And attention to their body language.
Make sure you need to go back to the start before actually doing it. If you do, just be respectful and understand what they try to say.
Good luck ❀️


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Nov 6, 2013
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With my birds it often feels like they take one step forward and 2 back, especially when they are new to my home. They both may be reacting to their wing clip, that happens quite frequently.
I think you may have to start over again with your budgie, but you may not have to with your cockatiel since you have had him longer and built more of a bond.
I agree with Cottonoid, it's great you are asking questions. I'm glad you joined the forum, Welcome!

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