I want to get a budgie, is this a good idea?

I FINISHED LANGUAGE ARTS CLASS! I did spend 5 hours straight watching videos, doing tests, and doing long special assignments (essays and such) and I got an A+! I have officially sealed the deal! Although I do feel like I’m dying. My joints, insides, and existence is physically painful but oh well lmao
When are you going budgie shopping?
Oh my god that is ADORABLE!!! I never knew birds could adore stuffies as well!

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This is ballpitsh** the fox 🥰 this one is the non-avian favorite

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This is the original Spiney the spinosaurus 🥶💯💯 he looks like ✨moldy cheese✨ 😍💅

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This is Death Metal McDonald’s the tiger 🤪

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This is Big Bwah aka Tubby 👹 he has crooked eyes and is a fantastic projectile ☺️ very throwable 🤠
Ballpitsh** the fox has Floofinchops just like a budgie but without patches and spots!

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