1. jBurn801

    White poop please help.

    I noticed this morning that one of my budgies is pooping white and he's pooping more often than usual. I cleaned the cage and I've been watching him all day. He's been acting normal (singing, preening, eating, drinking, and playing). I've been observing his poop color throughout the day and...
  2. T

    Introducing my budgie to our puppy

    So I have a year old budgie parakeet I have had him since August of 2019. I have been living at an apartment and going to college but moved back home for a few months due to the recent COVID-19 shutting down my university. The problem arose when my parents got a 11 week old Australian Shephard...
  3. D

    Sick budgerigar (and quarantine issues with new bird)

    I have a male budgie who is a few years old and having balance issues. My mum called me frantically and said he was flailing his wings in the air. I ran in thinking it might be a stroke, but he climbed back up to the perch and is constantly swaying from side to side. He’s trying to move from...
  4. S

    Found a lost injured budgie, kept with a pair, is he ok?

    I brought home a pair of budgies a month ago. I don't know their ages. They have slowly got used to new home and environment. They initially used to fight but from 7 days before they have started taking interest in each other and I have seen them mate thrice these days. Male is always trying to...
  5. Melscamp

    Growing seeds

    Since I have SO MANY wasted seeds, I decided to start growing them. They have made a beautiful grass. Wondering if it's ok to let the budgies eat and walk on them? Bird seed grass https://imgur.com/gallery/7GgCunk :greenyellow::whiteblue::white1::blue2::yellow2:
  6. Melscamp

    Huge (small) Victory

    I've only had my budgies for a lil over 2 weeks. I rescued 5 of them & have realized my huge challenge of hand taming all of them at almost a year old. They are totally afraid of me. I've been standing by their cage, telling them how pretty they are, holding my hand inside & looking at them with...
  7. D

    Crusty cere on a likely male bird?

    I posted about this a few days ago, but people stopped responding, so here I’m going to post a photo. Please look at this photo and tell me whether you think this is normal and he’s actually a she, or if it is something to be worried about. Also, this budgie was lost for an unknown amount of...
  8. D

    Crusty cere

    Hi, my Mum found a lost budgerigar getting attacked by native birds while walking her dog a few weeks back, and he seemed completely healthy for quite a while. However, just today I noticed that the base of his cere is a bit crusty looking. I was wondering if anyone could help with determining...
  9. M

    I bring many birbs

    Was browsing google and found this so, here we are. I have 7 birds, all bratty as can be but still lovable little fluffbutts. From largest to smallest: Jimbo (Nine year old red lored amazon) Evo (1 year old orange winged amazon) Mango (1 year old sun conure) Pineapple (1 year old pineapple...
  10. pickygrackle

    In need of a companion..

    few weeks ago, I lost my nearly 40-year-old eclectus. She was also a rescue, my second rescue. Thunder chicken got along with her extremely well. they always interacted with my supervision, playing, preening, flying, eating and just being happy birds. Jen my Eclectus died from a leg infection...
  11. H

    overweight budgie, please help

    Hello. I have a budgie who is 9 years old and he can't fly. He is also overweight. Last year I found him sitting in the corner of the cage and he wasn't moving. My parents took him to a vet and he stayed here for 3 days. When he came back he was like a completely different bird. He was so slim...
  12. socktheconure

    Help with changing diet

    Edit: Everyone is assuming that I am trying to give my budgerigars 100% fruits and veggies. That is not and never will be the case. I am trying to get them to CONSUME fruits and veggies because seed alone can be incredibly unhealthy if consumed constantly- alone. Hi everyone! Recently I have...
  13. K

    A little bit concerned about my little Yuna

    I bought Yuna this February from a local market and I love her to bits. She was just a baby put in with a small cage of adults, and she hasn't grown much bigger. About a month ago I noticed that her beak has changed - it's a bit flaky and scratched up. Sorry if my pictures aren't the best (the...
  14. C

    My budgies mated... Help?

    So i have 2 budgies a male and female and they've been together for about 3 years. They've had a little enclosed hammock that I've seen the female use a lot but not the male and recently she's been picking at it and being really picky with any fluff in it. Last night my family witnessed them...
  15. C

    New Member Here! Could I get some advice?

    My name's Chris, and I currently have one male budgie (Finn) and one male linnie (Neville). They live in separate cages. I have a Yellow-Sided GCC coming in about 2 months. My problem right now is that even though Neville and Finn do like each other, Finn is bullying Neville. Most times they...
  16. M

    How to Get Your Budgie to Stop Biting!

    How to Get Your Budgie to Stop Biting - YouTube I wanted to try to help others with the problem of their budgie biting. :greenyellow:
  17. M

    How to Make a Budgie Salad!

    How to Make a Budgie/Hamster Salad - YouTube Wanted to share how to make a budgie salad even though they are really easy to make and almost everyone knows how to anyways ahha :):greenyellow: