1. E

    Budgerigar can't stand on a stick

    My budgerigar is 34 days old and can't stand on a stick, can't move properly and his claws are always on a strange position, you can see it on the photo, what do I do?
  2. S

    Nails getting too long

    My budgie sky's nails are getting quite long as I've noticed my hand has many scratches and he can't lay his feet flat on a flat surface. I know how to trim a budgie's nails but unfortunately for us, sky is not hand tamed. I've been trying to get him used to hands for the past year but he...
  3. Rico_Tiel

    Divorce and parrots?

    So, my parents are almost definitely getting divorced. Shocker, right? Yeah, I’m not surprised in the slightest. Anyway, my mom and I discussed plans and I’m not sure how this will work for my birds… So, what’s going on? My mom is going to stay with her friend for a while, and my dad keeps...
  4. B

    Feather duster budgies and quality of life

    Hi all! I was buying a flight cage that I found on Facebook marketplace from a family that has a lot of budgies in a variety of cages and aviaries. When I was there, I noticed that their English budgies were separated into two cages. In the first cage was a male/female bonded pair, along with...
  5. Rico_Tiel

    Pellets for budgies?

    Hi! I am really struggling here because there are not a lot of great pellets for budgies out there. (I DO NOT HAVE A BUDGIE AT THE MOMENT, BUT I MAY BE GETTING ONE IN 28 DAYS) So yeah, as mentioned above, I am struggling here. I will use ZuPreem to transition the budgie from seeds (if it does...
  6. Rico_Tiel

    I want to get a budgie, is this a good idea?

    Hello, I am looking into getting a budgie and know the ins and outs of budgies and their care. Rico is a friendly bird and I’m sure would take to a budgie very well and we have the space but would this be a good idea? My mom is a hard NO on green cheeks but I’m not sure about budgies since we...
  7. B

    Question(s) on stopping budgies from breeding

    Hello! I need some advice on what to do with a family member and her budgies. She recently moved into our home with 3 budgies that she got from a neighbor (2 males, 1 female, about 5 y/o now). Their cage is on the smaller end (2' L x 3' H x 2' W), but they were never socialized when they were...
  8. M

    Health concern on budgie's cere

    Hello! I am not an owner of budgies myself, but my grandmother is. She has 3 budgies (2 males, 1 female, at least 6 years old), all in the same cage. Upon looking at her budgies today, I noticed that the female has an overgrown cere. I can't tell if it's covering her nostrils, but apparently...
  9. ChloeBallerina

    My budgie bites and doesn’t seem to want to be with me

    I have had my budgie for like 3 - 4 months and i worked with him to be comfortable with me and my hand. He was stepping up and accepting millet from my hand. I wanted to start target training him and teaching him tricks. But in the past 2 weeks he has gone backwards and has started biting my...
  10. Kitty16

    We’re starting to bond very well!

    So I haven’t been getting much time to bond with them but I’m able to do everything I need to within that time, I’ve only been getting around 2 hours with them but they don’t seem to mind, it actually makes them more excited to see me because I always give them millet, I like to give them as...
  11. Kitty16

    Can my budgie stop liking me after breaking a constant bonding routine just for 2 days?

    So I’ve been making pretty good progress with my budgies but yesterday I wasn’t really able to play with them for that long because I was at a baseball game for a big part of the day and I painted my nails so I didn’t want the strong smell to harm them in any way, I’m also going to be gone for...
  12. Kitty16

    Budgie bath!

    So I misted them a few days ago and they were fine with it but then I lost my spray bottle.. I got a new spray bottle and today I misted them and they instantly started preening, she mainly just wanted millet but she was preening, here’s a picture of him after I misted them.
  13. Kitty16

    Budgie petting.

    So my budgies are used to my hands enough to start going on them but when do I start petting them? I always see a bunch of videos of people petting their parrots but how do I know when I get to that point to where they’re bonded enough? I’ve tried to pet them a few times but it just confuses...
  14. Kitty16

    This hasn’t happened before!

    I just was able to get them both on my finger at the same time! They were there for awhile and I think they’re starting to enjoy when I’m around, I’m also going to order some new toys so they’ll be extra happy, here’s pictures of them when it was happening.
  15. Kitty16

    American plantain leaves.

    So we have a lot of American plantain leaves in our yard and it looks like something our budgies might like but nothing online says it’s ok and nothing says it’s bad, would you guys happen to know if it’s safe for them to eat? I’m not sure it would be safe for them because online it says cats...
  16. Kitty16

    Toy making questions!

    So I made a toy from some toilet paper rolls that I’d like to fill with paper Easter grass because I’ve seen many toys have Easter grass but I would like to see a second opinion from you guys, and since I’m asking this, toilet paper rolls are fine for them right? (I haven’t given them the toy I...
  17. Kitty16

    They’re both starting to do really good!

    So I’m about to put them to bed but I decided to give them some millet before then and I tried for a little bit to get them on my hand, once he was on my hand she pushed him off and was eating for awhile 😂, here’s a picture of her from that moment, this was also a huge difference because earlier...
  18. Kitty16

    Spray millet is a huge help!

    First interactions with both of them today and they both went on my hand right away, even Skittle (F) and she’s the most scared, here’s the pictures from this moment, I have one picture of each of them.
  19. B

    Rehoming advice for budgie?

    Hello all! I'm really backed into a corner here and I figured this would be as good a place to ask as any- does anyone have any advice for rehoming a budgie? Particularly in southern california / fontana/san bernardino/la area? I have reached out to any and all parrot rescues, bird...
  20. K

    Budgie Prolapse

    I work at a small family-owned pet store and we breed budgies there. One of our females would not stop laying eggs and because of that, she has had a prolapse. The store didn't want to pay the price for a vet visit and was thinking of having her put down. First, though they offered if any of the...