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Sep 13, 2020
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Hi friends! :)

This is my first week with my baby Pineapple GCC and she's a total angel. She plays super well on her own in her cage, eats and drinks comfortably and already knows how to step up and down (we practice for short increments every day).

I'd like for her to learn how to play on her playstand while she's out of her cage, but whenever I place her on there and attempt to get her interested in the toys on there, she just flies into my lap. She's only 13 weeks so I know she'd prefer to be cuddling with me rather than just being on her own, but I want to be able to hang out with her while she entertains herself out of the cage. Any suggestions on how to start teaching her these habits??

Thank you! :D


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Aug 2, 2018
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Take advantage of this age and tge drive to follow you. Teach and work on recal fkiggt training in the house!!! You are right this is tge age they would closely follow parents and learn from them. It's the easiest age to teach recall training!!!


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May 8, 2017
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Syd doesn't always amuse himself when out of his cage and my shopping was delivered and I forgot to put a pack of butter away in the fridge. He was so quiet I had almost forgotten he was out when I suddenly heard a very happy chirrup. He was through the butter wrapper and quite delighted. The little rotter. Then came my key words. NO, OFF as I rose to reach him - luckily he obeyed pretty quickly. So I would train those words too - but recall first. By the way, at least when they are on you you know what they are up to! :)

Someone said they are like living with a toddler - they weren't kidding. Just as an update he is repentant on my shoulder and almost asleep. He obviously enjoyed himself getting into the butter pack.
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I think the drive to keep themselves busy comes with age, but you could also model playing with toys with her on the play stand or play with a toy in your lap and when she shows an interest also put this on the play stand, but only for a while, don't turn showing an interest in toys into a punishment by putting her on the stand with a toy and not you!

Also use food, although this too might not be as much of a reward as being with you for a while. Maybe get one of those kebab sticks you put bits of fruit etc on and hang it on her play stand to start developing her independence.

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