baby bird

  1. G

    New Macaw Owner!

    Hello all, Very excited to introduce myself as a brand new baby macaw owner. Yesterday my fiance and I bought a 5 month old baby B&G. He (Barry) is so precious, he is an absolute love bug! We are so happy, we have both wanted a parrot since we were small children! We recently bought our...
  2. Luqman

    Baby cockatiel poo looks weird

    Hello so i recntly bought a new baby cockatiel and tried to hand feed it using a bird formula and syringe but today when i woke up to feed him again i saw that his poop was weird. I am not that sure because this is my first baby bird. Is the poop weird? Like can’t the baby bird digest its formula??
  3. pingu

    How to teach baby parrot that biting hurts

    Hello, Our newest flock member is Io (that's an uppercase i, not an L), a 3 month old Galah. She is very sweet and loving, but doesn't seem to understand that she is hurting me when she bites me... I have tried looking online but all advice I find has to do with parrots biting because they're...
  4. R

    My baby bird is showing unusual behaviour, please help

    Hi there, I have a baby female Indian ring neck that I’ve had for 3 weeks. I hand feed her myself 4 times a day using a dropper n baby mix. She is 5 weeks old now she is overall, in my opinion, healthy. She is active, runs around, screams, and asks for food when it’s time, however, today when...
  5. M

    Got an egg, been looking forward to raising the newborn chicks! But I have some questions.

    Hello! I was super excited today when I checked on a cage that has three conures in it to find out one of the females laid an egg (hopefully the first of several)! The cage has 2 females and 1 male (the male is the brother of one of the two females in the cage). The female that is not his...
  6. A

    Baby GCC Behavior?

    Last Saturday I picked up my 8 week old, hand fed baby. Everything has been fine and normal, but I’ve noticed that the baby sometimes makes beeping or chirping noises and slightly moves his wings, this usually starts when he is cuddling under my chin. I don’t have much experience with young...
  7. S

    Reasons your lovebird is grumpy!!!

    40 years of having and raising Agapornis roseicollis aka Peachfaced Lovebird has taught me a lot! Many thanks to all whom have inspired and instructed me! 1) Boredom Lovebirds get bored easily. Change out toys, even thier most favorite toys, will keep that birdie brain busy! Grooming toys, toy...
  8. B

    Good hand feeding formula?

    Anyone know a safe good quality hand feeding formula for parakeet baby's?
  9. Kamarro

    Hi all! New bird mom (1st timer here)

    Hi! I’m Kelsey, I already made a original post about bonding with my new baby conure. But I should have introduced myself first. I am a wi8+ year Vet tech, full time job and mom to both human and birds. (Disclaimer:I know the amount of time I need to spend with my birds and I interact with...
  10. koyajo

    My new baby and a question 🦜

    Hello!! I recently go a baby bird.. yesterday actually. He is 7 weeks old and he is a pied cockatiel. He sure is a beautiful little one! I got him a whole bunch of toys and he has a pretty nice set up. His name is speckles and he has a little playground as well. He loves to sit on my shoulder...
  11. G

    Insurance yay or nay

    Hi all. I have a baby green cheek (Teddy) and a superb parrot (Poppy). I am absolutely loving being a parrot mum to all my feathered friends. But my little turquoise friend has a love for mischief. I had not considered pet insurance before he started investigating and trying to eat everything...
  12. shohagysaima

    HELP! New GCC Baby Hatchling Lying On Back

    Hi guys, my green cheek Conure layed and hatched some eggs the first week of August this year and one of the babies seems to be lying on it’s back all the time. Is this normal? The mother is feeding the baby whenever and the abdomen is bigger than the crop. Is this normal too? I’ve been my...
  13. SamBeben

    Regurgitation before maturity

    I have a 1 year old Moustached Parakeet. She has been regurgitating for my husband and I frequently. She hasn't reached sexual maturity so I'm concerned that it's something unusual? She has been doing it for a few weeks. She's never actually brought anything up but I don't want to form that...
  14. S

    Baby ringnecks and BATHING!

    Hey! I have two baby IRN's who are a month old. So I know I'm not supposed to give them a shower but at what age exactly can I give them a shower because they're starting to stink and their feathers are starting to have a weird texture to them. Also, there's no proper info about it anywhere :(...
  15. S

    I'm new!!

    Hey! Okay so I'm new here and I'm also a new mother to two baby ringnecks who are just a month old. (Yes, I have learnt how to properly handfeed them and I have been handfeeding them since they were 15 days old) I'm in India so it's pretty common to adopt baby birds. So since I come here for...
  16. Zfelis

    Baby Parakeets need a new home (NY)

    Location >>> NYC, NY Baby Australian Parakeets/Budgies Hatch date: 12/19-12/26 Five babies available currently Need to rehome them because I don't have enough space and cages to raise them all. Small rehoming fee applies. (Attatched pictures of the parents for reference)
  17. artenemis

    Heavy Baby Conure??

    Hi, so 5 days ago i got this baby Green Cheek Conure hatched on the 23rd of December and we have been constantly feeding her and keeping track of her weight and amount of food she eats so as to be able to note significant changes in her diet and whatnot.. but we also noticed that she averages a...
  18. A

    Baby parrot won't eat

    Hello everyone! I just got a 1 month old cockatiel :yellow1: from a friend and I need to hand feed him. I got him at around 9 PM. I tried feeding him using baby bird formula through a syringe at around 11 PM but he wouldn't open his mouth. I put some formula on his beak, but he would just go...
  19. lisazartsi

    Independence Out of Cage

    Hi friends! :) This is my first week with my baby Pineapple GCC and she's a total angel. She plays super well on her own in her cage, eats and drinks comfortably and already knows how to step up and down (we practice for short increments every day). I'd like for her to learn how to play on her...
  20. S

    first bath?

    hi i have a 5 week old alex, i wasnt planning on handraising but "yoshi" was neglected and kicked out of nesting box. i have handraised ringnecks, lorri's and conures before, but this is so different. everything is going well, yoshi is growing, putting on wieght and gaining many feathers. but...