1. Z

    Looking to Re-home my Umbrella Cockatoo. (Florida)

    Hello, this is of course a sad thing to have to do but something I have to do unfortunately. Chicken is only young, about 3 years old (I’m her second owner, so I’m not exactly sure) I’ve had her for about a year but have known her all her life as her previous owner was a cleaning client of mine...
  2. W

    Rehoming, Need help!! Bonded pair

    Desperately looking for a kind soul to take in my two babies while I have to go away for a awhile. I will pay a generous amount so both are taken care of and as well to the individual who takes them on. Please contact me if interested. I live in Virginia, Chesterfield.
  3. J

    Adoption / Rehoming lovely little Monty

    Hi, We have beautiful Eclectus called Monty, he is 4 years old and he flies all round the house. He is amazing character, has spa baths, talks loads and loves being blow dried! We got Monty because we could not have children and had time to care for Monty. Last year after many years of failed...
  4. ericalvincent

    I need some advice on African Greys

    Hello all! I am looking at getting a Congo African Grey and am wanting some tips and information on them, even experiences from owners who have them, literally anything anyone can give me. I’m not ready for one quite yet, probably not even within the next few years as I do have a cat and am...
  5. S

    Help rehoming. (Mexico)

    A very hard post to make but I'm really concerned about where she'll go. After having her as my companion for so long, I have to rehome my amazon due to very unfortunate circumstances in my life right now and I'm unable to care for her like she deserves. My biggest concern is that I can't give...
  6. chloe.millar

    Bree the Pineapple Green Cheek Conure! California

    This is an incredibly difficult post to make, and it has taken years to come to this decision. I’ve posted in this forum multiple times requesting advice on if I’m the best home for my green cheek conure. I got Bree when I was 14 (currently 19) and I wasn’t able to truly grasp what I was...
  7. aprilrain

    2 GCC Need a Home in Southern California

    Looking for a home to adopt 2 green cheek conures. They must stay together. Must already have GCCs and be knowledgeable. Will not sell to bird sellers or breeders. I want them to go to a good home. Male 4.5 years old (Mojo) Female 1.5-year-old (Sweet pea) Healthy, happy birds. Both are step-up...
  8. SleepyLuca

    How do I cope with having to rehome my bird?

    (Long; mentions of anxiety & depression) I’ve had my boy from the day his egg was laid, and I love him with all my heart and soul. But my mental health has taken a huge dip and it’s getting to the point where I can no longer function. Sadly this is because of my boy, his increasing aggression...
  9. T

    I'm a new Eclectus owner (to be) and need ADVICE!

    Hi everyone - I have a male Eclectus that I just agreed to accept for rehome. He's in another state, coming home in a month and I feel like I could use all the advice possible :) He attempted to be used for breeding but didn't produce viable clutches, so the owner decided to let them go. I'm...
  10. T

    Looking for a new Parrot Friend - all the way in New Hampshire!

    Hi all - I'm not sure what the best thread is to post this question, so I'm hoping it'll gain some traction here. If not, please let me know and I'll repost to the correct thread. My Hahn's macaw recently passed away and I'm ready to open up to a new feathery friend again. When I moved to NH...
  11. Hatzegopteryx4578

    Tips on how to find my budgie a better home?

    I’ve made my choice and I’m planning to re-home my budgie so he’d be in a better situation. The only problem is that I don’t know how to find somebody to personally meet up with who can have them as his forever home. I don’t want him to be hoarded, used for breeding purposes or constantly...
  12. Hatzegopteryx4578

    I’m unsure if I should re-home my budgie

    The sibling of my budgie has recently been put down and I’m unsure whether to give him up or not. Although I’m on easter break I’ll be in school for the majority of the time after that. I also lack the room for bird quarantine if I do want to get another bird. Along with that he has a possible...
  13. T

    Adopted budgies, regretting it?

    I adopted 2 budgies a couple days ago, and I had been thinking about it for about a month (after my previous budgie passed away). I thought I was ready for the commitment, but I don’t think I am. I want to bring them back to the shelter I got them from, (The ARL, they have a 30 day refund...
  14. B

    African Grey Breeders/Rescues in Arizona?

    Hi, I have a friend who's looking to adopt an (preferably young or handleable) African Grey that's in the Phoenix, AZ area. I've only ever had budgies and small parakeets, so I was wondering if anyone has recommended places, stores, breeders, rescues, etc. to find an African Grey? She knows it's...
  15. toteeummi

    Looking to rehome my two conures

    Hello everyone, I have a yellow-sided green cheek conure named Pebbles (F) who is four years old and a black-capped conure named Billee (M) who is 9 months old. They are bonded and live happily together! I am looking to rehome them due to some life changes. I am located near Jacksonville, FL...
  16. D

    Looking for foster to adopt for my Sun Conure Lily, Maryland

    We are looking for a foster-to-adopt agreement. I’m crying as I am typing this, but we need to rehome Lily, our very loved, hand-tame, DNA-sexed female Sun Conure. About a year ago, my husband developed tinnitus and unfortunately since then it is being made continuously worse by her screaming...
  17. B

    Rehoming advice for budgie?

    Hello all! I'm really backed into a corner here and I figured this would be as good a place to ask as any- does anyone have any advice for rehoming a budgie? Particularly in southern california / fontana/san bernardino/la area? I have reached out to any and all parrot rescues, bird...
  18. RFSweitzer

    Im lost on what to do with my Conure

    Hello. I am new to posting on this site, but i need some serious help. I have had my Conure for almost 7 years now. Got her when she was just 6 months old, and I have made sure she lived her best life with me. When I got her i knew what i was getting into. So with me I'd make sure she is out of...
  19. Sophieh7


    I have 2 budgies and a full cage and set up. In Stirling area :)
  20. CubicBoron

    Rehoming Sun Conure in Arizona

    Hello all. I'm looking to rehome an 8 year old sun conure in Arizona, preferably in Maricopa county but anywhere works. Loki is an incredibly sweet bird once he trusts you. No behavioural problems. I hate to have to rehome him, but I'm moving into a dorm (uni student) and no one in my house...