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Mar 28, 2020
I have two beautiful lovebirds which will be 2yrs old in June. Before now I assumed they were both male because they hadn't laid any eggs. However in the past couple weeks they appeared to be copulating and this week egg laying started.

The first egg was laid in their food dish. So I quickly bought a black plastic (couldn't find a wooden one) nesting box which I installed in their cage. However, even after installing the nesting box the 2nd egg was laid on in their little tent nest and fell to the floor, cracked, so I removed it from the cage. The third was laid two days later, again in the food dish. And the fourth the following day, falling to the floor from their tent nest. It was cracked so I removed it.

So even after installing the nesting box, she has still laid three eggs elsewhere.

I have put strips of paper towel in the nesting box but they just pull it out, play with it, and let it fall to the bottom of the cage.

I am keen to have her lay successful eggs. Should I move the two good eggs from the food dish to to the nesting box? I'm concerned she won't find them. Should I put more nesting material in the box to make it more attractive? Should I replace the plastic box with a wooden one? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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Jul 10, 2015
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Unless you are an experienced Breeder with the full range of equipment and knowledge to support it, please separate in to separate cages, your birds.

For your female, yes, place the two eggs in the next box and assure that your birds are separated!

Egg laying takes huge amounts of energy and at this point, you need to do what is necessary to have her stop. In addition, she could become egg bound and as a result go toxic and die.

You should also have an existing relationship with an Avian Professional and be willing to see s/he if your bird continues to lay eggs or shows signs of being egg bound.
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