Mini macaw cage size


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Nov 22, 2014
so we are moving in with roomates soon and my noble macaw cage is about 31.5x22.5x40 in. i dont know if i got the measurements right cause i dont know how to use a ruler lol but it looks like it would be for a medium sized bird. the bowls are larger and it has an opening for a breeder box.

i was wondering if we could down size her cage when we move because its going to be too big to put anywhere. we already have it in the new home and tried everywhere but its just always in the way and we moved into a larger house but with less floor space (which im starting to regret moving into this house lol)
i was thinking of moving her into a 25.5x19.5x36in cage. basically this cage can fit a sun conure or other similar sized birds very well or 2 gccs. again shes a noble macaw similar to the hahns but only slightly bigger. i have the cage right next to her current bigger cage and she seems to get around better since the baring is a bit smaller and more close together. (now she also things she owns both cages lol)

just wondering if anyone else though this was ok to do, nobles are such an awkward size lol!

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