Moses has Polyuria

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Have you gotten your blood panel done yet? This is an older post and honestly I didn't read every single comment from everyone so I might be missing some context!!! I got overwhelmed lol but I wanted to toss in my 2 cents.

I've never had an eclectus and I do know they can be more delicate in terms of GI business, but I've had multiple birds who've gone through polyuria issues which sent me into a panic... but their blood panels came back normal. My cockatiel Bitty just drank like a fish and her poops were very wet but her blood work never came up with liver function issues. My lovebird has very wet poops as well, jury is still out on whether that's just "a lovebird thing" honestly since she's the only lovebird I've ever had but her bloodwork has always been perfectly normal and she has no other clinical signs.

Bitty would stress drink. She was a generally anxious tiel and I think that while polyuria can of course be a sign of some bad things, in her case it was purely anxiety, and I wonder if it's the same for Moses, since he just went through a big life change??
Hello Thank you for your post.
It appears it may be hormonal. He is doing better and blood tests were normal and his feathers and self grooming is very good.
thank you again

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