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Jan 2, 2016
I have a Double yellow headed amazon that won't stop scratching his nares there is nothing in there, we keep the humidity high, feathers are also reseading we have went to vets several occasions they say he is fine then take our money has anyone's amazon ever had something similar, as much info as possible would be appreciated. He's very vocal eats well and Grooms properly.

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4 months old
Double yellow headed amazon
The attachment doesn't work for me. If that's relevant for the post. Is there anything different/wrong with the nares visually?
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Nope just the area around the nares gets pink every once and a while.
I would make sure you give him everything he needs, and if you do then maybe it's just a thing he likes to do.
But diet, showers, sunbathing, hours of sleep he gets-all these things need to be checked.
OMG, I just checked.... is he just 4 months old?
Wow, if it's true he needs special baby care I am not familiar with, sorry.
IMO , at 4 months old he's recently been exposed to other birds. I'd suspect mites or a bacterial infection. So say he's been to the vet? an Avian Vet? There's a big difference. The pink color is a good indication something is not right. ( i vote bacterial infection). What part of the world are you, maybe someone could refer a AV local to you.

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