Need advice, mature blind severes


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Jul 31, 2021
New to the forum, not new to birds, for sure new to blind birds.

A few months ago, a friend/coworker passed. And when I went to help the family I had found that he had a severes macaw. Not much was known about the bird and the family didn?t know much either. In fact, getting a name was even a chore, from what we know, her name is ?Birdie?. A side note. She is a confirmed female, mainly males dog lay eggs lol. I offered to take the bird for the time, but ended up becoming her new home.

As most birds would. She was very quiet and very scared so I gave her plenty of time and let her get used to new noises and new surroundings. I did talk to her and I tried to contact her but she always seemed to never notice. Her usual reaction is to fluff her head feathers, and open her beak, if she gets really mad. She does this strange leg bite move. The best way I can describe it, it?s like a turrets tick. She bites at the air and loosely opens her wings a lot also. Very clear and deliberate body language that she?s not happy

One day she had a particularly bad potty day and I needed to actually scrub/wash her cage so I needed her out. Not being able to handle her. I waited for her to be on her hanging swing and grabbed to whole swing and pulled her and the swing from the cage. To move to a safe space while I cleaned. After I removed her. She climbed up the swing side and started reaching with her beak up. (Where the top of her cage would be). I thought this was odd. Why reach for something that is obviously not there? So I started to watch her more. And noticed she uses her beak for feeling. And reaches with her feet around before stepping on various areas.

So I tried slowly moving my hand towards her. Sure enough. On her left. I can get within millimeters of her. And she won?t react. Her right she will react if I create a dark shadow or move quickly.

I?m short. 100% blind in the left. Mostly blind on the right. I started to make the same sounds. I announce myself. I deliberately open the cage loud. And make her food hit the dish loudly. We have a sort of language building. And she must like something because she has gotten much more vocal. And we can screach and talk back and forth. She seems to be taking a liking to me. (Deeper voiced male, like her original human) and tends to ignore my wife and kids. But when she talks to me. I feel like she wants attention. But I can?t touch her. I can?t get her to ?step up?. I usually say ?touch? before I contact her to try and teach her that I?m about to. But she did learn it and ?touch? means ?run?. So I don?t say it much anymore.

I guess. What I?m looking for. Is advice. Can I get a severes to like someone new? Has anyone ever dealt with blind birds? I?m sure I missed stuff in this small novel as well. Any help appreciated.


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Jul 10, 2015
Western, Michigan
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Welcome to Parrot Forum!
Thank-you for bring a Handicapped Parrot into your home!
I am sure that there is a special place for those who open their hearts to these very special creatures.

Sounds like you are well on your way to starting a relationship and I assure you that if you keep working with her, she will reward you.

Complete a web search for handicapped parrots or handicapped birds. Sub search for the same adding blind. You will find a individuals that are in the same place you are and tons of suggestions.

Continual to adjust your World around her. As everyone should be doing the same things as you need to bring consistence to her life. There is no reason that she should not develop a relationship with everyone in 'her' family. When each person fully understand that slow and steady and lots of advanced knowledge that someone is coming is a requirement! Life becomes better for everyone.

Place a mask over your eyes and you quickly begin to understand what she needs to be comfortable and safe.

Place the time and effort and I can assure your she will come to love everyone in your home.

Again Thank You!

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