Need Weaning Advice - 4 month GCC


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Mar 4, 2022
Bruno the Yellow-Sided Turquoise GCC
Hi everyone! I am a new parrot parent and we just brought home our 4-month-old GCC Bruno 3 days ago. The breeder went ahead and sent him home with us because he is "just about weaned" and he drip-fed well for me when I visited him there. Right now I am offering him feedings twice a day and he is taking them every time but also is really good about eating his pellets and chop. The breeder said he was refusing most feedings with them but now he isn't refusing them with me. Should I be concerned that he is regressing or could he just be accepting it as a treat? He hasn't asked for hand-feeding at all, just takes it when I offer. He has maintained his weight (and even gained a gram bringing him to 63g today) since coming home and his stool seems pretty consistent and normal. I'm not sure how to judge his progress and how to know when he is officially weaned.

Thank you in advance for your help!


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