green cheeck conure

  1. X

    Conure suddenly biting? Help?

    My gcc has never been particularly bitey, but she has always been very excited by tissues. This wasn't much of an issue before, we would just give her a little bit of tissue or let her bite it before using it, but for some reason all of a sudden when you try to give her the tissue she'll go...
  2. kinqquail

    Possible Hormonal Behavior?

    Hello, I've had my GCC for a little over a month now and I've gotten him from an ex-breeder who was getting out of the hobby. He's not my first parrot however he is my first companion parrot so I'm not too used to having a parrot that willingly loves to spend time with me haha A little about my...
  3. Henry_HoodieSnuggle.png


    This is my newest little guy Henry Little a Green Cheek Conure . We are his fourth and final home, I love this little guy so much he just brightens my day. He has decided that it's hoodie snuggle weather and cozied on up.
  4. Bobbystick

    Finding female/male names for a Turquoise Yellowsided GCC

    Hello everyone, I am waiting on a green cheek conure to come home soon. The breeder says he will do DNA testing this week and asks me to provide names for the baby. I am so bad at finding names, I've had my budgies for like 3 weeks before I could decide. Please provide your best suggestions 😅...
  5. Parham

    Need help\advice. new Green cheeked Conure. 8 weeks old

    Hello everyone, I'm new here and and first time pet owner. 12 days ago I decided to get a GCC, I've been meaning to get a bird for about a year now but after barely surviving a very bad case of covid, I decided to do so as soon as I am healed and capable. I've been stalking birds ads for a...
  6. aprilrain

    GCC wont stop screaming to get my attention no matter what I do.

    The Issue: My green cheek has become extraordinarily clingy & he screams whenever he knows I'm home but out of sight. It's extremely high-pitched & can go on forever. I'm trying so so hard but it's not getting better, so I'm asking for help. - I know Conures are loud, I'm not expecting him to...
  7. S

    Green cheek conures not getting along

    Hello everyone. So allow me to get right to the chase. I am currently the owner of two GCCs, Hawk and Swoop. I have had Hawk for about a year and a half and have had him since he was weened (assumed male, non DNA tested) and he has been the sweetest and most playful thing imaginable. He was...
  8. S

    Adopted older parrot. Biting issues.

    I have one Conure that I got when he was young. He went through a bit of a biting phase when he went through his adolescent stage but is great now. Loves to be handled and very sweet. About 6 months ago I adopted an older Conure (9 years). His owner was moving and couldn?t take him with her. He...
  9. saganismyhero

    Conure with strange beak injury

    ***Let me preface, this is not an emergency. The injury is incredibly superficial, clotted almost immediately, and parrot is running around acting like nothing happened.*** Rescued this parrot a few weeks ago. This GCC was surrendered twice in 5 years. The last owner took care of him well and...
  10. A

    Strange budgie behaviour

    Hi there We got a female budgie a week ago from a bad conditioned place. She’s been there for about four years. She’s a little cage bound. We let her out for the first time yesterday and she was super calm the whole time. She accepts a millet spray from my hands. She was on an almost all - seed...
  11. R

    Green Cheek beak bruise or something else?

    Hi everyone! I'm pretty new here so apologies if I got any of this wrong - I've had my Green Cheek, Canderous, for around 2 months now, and a couple of weeks ago I noticed a yellow discoloured dent on his beak (picture attached - it looks like I'm holding him down but he's just getting neck...
  12. B

    Need Help with my GCC!

    I own an 8-month-old GCC who used to be the sweetest thing in the whole world, but as of three or four days ago she has wanted nothing to do with me, she bites at me when I take her out of her cage, and she puffs right up whenever I try to handle her. I usually put her right back in her cage...
  13. A

    Green cheek conure left alone

    Hello everyone. I have really bad news. We accidentally left a window slightly open and Zafir went out. This was on Monday when the sun was going down. We searched for her and did everything but no clue yet. It’s winter and it’s really cold but we did everything we could but I’m not writing...
  14. H

    Rehoming a green cheek conure!

    Hello my name is Bunny! I am rehoming a green cheek conure with all of its supplies and the cage, basically everything. Hoenstly I feel like someone will be able to give her a better life. I had Rika for months now but I did not know that she would be affecting my allergies. I am located in NJ...
  15. Ava.rg

    Bird preferences??

    I was wondering if birds have certain preferences such as hair color and human genders. I ask this because he does not like boys and men. Especially my dad and brother. He’s really mean to them. I didn’t think that birds could smell it so I don’t know what it is. He hates men and boys because my...
  16. S

    Bird training

    At what age is the best time to start training your parrot?
  17. S

    Is my bird scared of me? :/

    I have a 4 month old GCC. I got him about a month and and a half ago, so I know he might still be sussing me out. His name is Leo and I love him so much already (if he is in fact a he, heck if I know 😂). I got him fully tamed and weaned. He’s very sweet and playful. And loves scritches and...
  18. Ava.rg

    Separation issues?

    So I’ve had my greencheeck conure baby for about 2 and a half weeks now and it’s like we’ve never been apart. He loves me so much. Which Im so very greatful for because when I first got him he wouldn’t really interact with me and always bit. I was so sad. (Thanks for everyone’s tips who got him...
  19. B

    New bird owner ... Constant flock calling

    So I've owned a green cheek conure for about two weeks. Was very quiet in the first week while settling in - however now every time it sees another bird fly past the window he/she flock calls extremely loudly and incessantly (literally from sunrise to sunset) until the bird is out of sight or...
  20. A

    Anti-bite harness

    Hello I’ve seen this anti bite harness for parrots ( I have two GCCs) and I wondered if they were really anti bite or this is just clickbait. It’s on eBay here’s the link...