green cheeck conure

  1. Frog & Chickpea

    Behavioural help for GCC

    Hello, yet another new member here! I recently adopted a green cheeked conure, Echo, (unknown gender yet), and am ecstatic with them. They are not yet tame, but are not fearful, and accept bigger treats from my hand. They seem very eager to learn. Their age is somewhere between 6 months and a...
  2. S

    I need some advice on how to handle my male parrot’s new behavior

    I have two green cheek conures— Louie and Mango. I’m pretty sure Louie is male and Mango is female. Louie has always been a biter, drawing blood on multiple occasions, and his favorite places to bite are my lips, nose, ears, and fingers; however, he is not always like this. He enjoys cuddling...
  3. C

    Sudden death of Green Cheek Conure

    My Fiance and I bought a green cheek back in June. We picked him up from the Bird shop at the end of June beginning of July. So he was maybe 3 months old. Always acting normal and snuggly as could be. When she got home tonight my fiance went to check him and our other bird (we have a zebra finch...
  4. Nadieb1930

    Stress Bars?

    Hey everyone! I just got a new conure about two weeks ago and noticed some dark stripes on her wings. I was just wondering if these are stress bars or just from roughhousing in her cage? She does like to move around in her cage a lot and sometimes she puts her back against the side (even though...
  5. Zazu and the fish (Bailey)

    Zazu and the fish (Bailey)

    Zazu loves to watch the fish in my room, it’s adorable :)
  6. A

    GCC refuses to come out of outside cage, otherwise very tame

    Hello everyone! I have a 2 year old female green cheek conure that I absolutely adore. We have a very strong bond and she is very much bonded to people in general. I go between my house and my partners house on the weekend and I like to bring her with me. She has a nice spacious outside cage...
  7. RooBean

    Adopting A 2nd Green CC Is good idea?

    Hello! I currently have one green cheek conure (Finnegan). He's 8 years old and I've had him since he was a baby. He's a sassy cutie with a big personality but loves his cuddles and scritches and gets upset when someone isn't with him... This is why I've been considering another gcc.. BUT I'm...
  8. chloe.millar

    Can I leave my Green Cheek outside?

    Okay question! I am a full-time student and often leave the house for 4-6 hours at a time. My green cheek conure has a full indoor enclosure and is never caged when I’m home. However, I hate to leave her inside when I’m away. So I have a cockatiel sized cage that I place right outside the front...
  9. BrunoBird

    Need Weaning Advice - 4 month GCC

    Hi everyone! I am a new parrot parent and we just brought home our 4-month-old GCC Bruno 3 days ago. The breeder went ahead and sent him home with us because he is "just about weaned" and he drip-fed well for me when I visited him there. Right now I am offering him feedings twice a day and he is...
  10. B

    Green cheek conure biting everyone :(

    I have a green cheek named Yoshi. He is about 1 year and 4 months right now. My biggest problem with him since we've gotten him is he bites everyone who is not me or my dad. Anyone else and I mean anyone else he will bite them and bite them hard. Im not sure when exactly this started, i got him...
  11. Goofy Bird

    Goofy Bird

    Kiwi hanging out with me.
  12. A

    Baby GCC Behavior?

    Last Saturday I picked up my 8 week old, hand fed baby. Everything has been fine and normal, but I’ve noticed that the baby sometimes makes beeping or chirping noises and slightly moves his wings, this usually starts when he is cuddling under my chin. I don’t have much experience with young...
  13. A


    I have a 5 and a half year old Green cheek conure. When I first got him at 6 months he was alone and then I had parakeets in the house with him that he got along with and when one of the two parakeets died the remaining one would sleep in his cage. They were together in the same cage for two to...
  14. X

    Conure suddenly biting? Help?

    My gcc has never been particularly bitey, but she has always been very excited by tissues. This wasn't much of an issue before, we would just give her a little bit of tissue or let her bite it before using it, but for some reason all of a sudden when you try to give her the tissue she'll go...
  15. kinqquail

    Possible Hormonal Behavior?

    Hello, I've had my GCC for a little over a month now and I've gotten him from an ex-breeder who was getting out of the hobby. He's not my first parrot however he is my first companion parrot so I'm not too used to having a parrot that willingly loves to spend time with me haha A little about my...
  16. Henry_HoodieSnuggle.png


    This is my newest little guy Henry Little a Green Cheek Conure . We are his fourth and final home, I love this little guy so much he just brightens my day. He has decided that it's hoodie snuggle weather and cozied on up.
  17. Bobbystick

    Finding female/male names for a Turquoise Yellowsided GCC

    Hello everyone, I am waiting on a green cheek conure to come home soon. The breeder says he will do DNA testing this week and asks me to provide names for the baby. I am so bad at finding names, I've had my budgies for like 3 weeks before I could decide. Please provide your best suggestions 😅...
  18. Parham

    Need help\advice. new Green cheeked Conure. 8 weeks old

    Hello everyone, I'm new here and and first time pet owner. 12 days ago I decided to get a GCC, I've been meaning to get a bird for about a year now but after barely surviving a very bad case of covid, I decided to do so as soon as I am healed and capable. I've been stalking birds ads for a...
  19. aprilrain

    GCC wont stop screaming to get my attention no matter what I do.

    The Issue: My green cheek has become extraordinarily clingy & he screams whenever he knows I'm home but out of sight. It's extremely high-pitched & can go on forever. I'm trying so so hard but it's not getting better, so I'm asking for help. - I know Conures are loud, I'm not expecting him to...
  20. S

    Green cheek conures not getting along

    Hello everyone. So allow me to get right to the chase. I am currently the owner of two GCCs, Hawk and Swoop. I have had Hawk for about a year and a half and have had him since he was weened (assumed male, non DNA tested) and he has been the sweetest and most playful thing imaginable. He was...