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Nov 30, 2020
1 white face cockatiel and 1 blue quaker
Hello! My names Titan and I just recently joined Parrot Forums with the hope of learning new ways to give my birds the best life possible. I currently have one male cockatiel named Phish who I’ve had for around 6 months now. Sometimes he’s a little demon but I love him regardless. I also decided to get another bird for Phish since he seemed to miss the company of other feather pals. Boogie the blue quaker comes home this week and I was wondering what the best way of introducing them would be. Phish is already bonded to me and I’m going to keep the birds separate for the first month or so to let Boogie become more comfortable with their surroundings and hopefully bond with me as well. My two main concerns at the moment are 1: getting Boogie to bond with me and my family and 2: getting the birds acquainted without losing the bond I have with them individually. Any advice or tips would be greatly appreciated. :grey::blue2:


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Aug 21, 2010
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Welcome aboard Titan, Phish, and Boogie!

Quite frankly the best rationale for adopting additional birds is to satisfy your desire. No guarantee birds will accept newcomers, particularly disparate species. I'll temper that advice as some species are more amenable than others to flock environments. Not personally having cockatiels or quakers leads me to defer in favor of other members better acquainted.

A quarantine period of 4 to 6 weeks is optimal for prevention of potential disease spread to Phish. Getting Boogie to bond with you and family may be the easiest of tasks. One of our favorite threads: http://www.parrotforums.com/general-parrot-information/49144-tips-bonding-building-trust.html

Introducing Phish to Boogie, encouraging them to bond while retaining your personal and familial closeness with each is tall order! Not impossible with love, diligence, and patience.


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Aug 2, 2018
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Welcome to the forum.
Quarantine is a must.
Then I let them spend a week or so looking st each other from their cages on opposite side of the room.

Find a neutral location, and set up with perches and food and treats all spread out. Get tgem both used to the spot separately. Then on introduction day get them in a nice happy mood, and place them about four feet apart at the neutral introduction spot. Encourage them to eat their snacks on their own side. Like a flock eating and postive
in each others present You want it to be no big deal. Repeat evey day till they can just hang out without I use a long envelope to place in front of a bird that is charging another. If s bird is fussy seems afraid or aggressive, then out them up and try again on a different day. They need enough space to retreat without having to fight. You have to be calm and happy too as they read you.

Never force them near each other, never place on the same perch. Let them decide when to go near each other on their own. Watch body language a d try to prevent them ever having a fight cuz they will hold a grudge.

Most of my birds just tolerate the other others and maintain about a foot of distance from each other. My 2 that are currently freinds took close to a year to become friends.
I have had bonded birds, but that never effected their affection and love for me.
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Welcome. You are exactly where you need to be to get great support and advice. I love that you're proceeding with caution, and asking open-minded questions. Stick with us.


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