New bird toxic relationship


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Dec 9, 2020
Hey, hope your having a great day/night! I’m writing this for concern for my Scaly Breasted Lorikeet and Maroon Bellied Conures toxic relationship as Loki (Conure) feeds her, he always attacks her and Pico (Lorikeet) is getting hurt sometimes and I can hear her alarm sound. I’ve watched them Loki tries to get Pico to preen him but she just licks his nostrils. It’s pretty funny but also can turn horrible in seconds. My question is what should I do? Btw Loki is new I got him early December and introduced the birds to him like a week and a half ago. But they were really good then ugly then now they’re like in a bad relationship. Loki is also a one person bird and chases her away when she sits on my shoulder or head. I don’t know what to do I’ve messaged the breeder and she suggested covering one up while the other is out because Loki sits at her cage for her even though he likes but also hates her. So I tried it worked but I think there is a better option than that but although I do not want to rehome if that his the best choice then I guess I will have to do it. But I’m going to do my best but try not get one of them hurt or even killed.
Also I know she is a lorikeet and likes to play but when she tries he bites hard which lead to her foot bleeding.

thank you!


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Dec 9, 2020
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some birds like eachother and some dont!
there is no waay to be sure
i recommend seperate them
play with one while the other is in a cage then switch their places
What about him waiting on the cage bars? Lorikeet makes a sound which I think is an alarm call.


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Sep 21, 2021
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What about him waiting on the cage bars? Lorikeet makes a sound which I think is an alarm call.
I used to play in different rooms
I also did a routine
From 7:45 (after breakfast) i spend time with my orignal bird (tango my sun cnoure) till 9:45
And then spend another 2 hours sith my other bird (Tiki) and keep repeat it another one more time after they’re pellets


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Aug 2, 2018
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I'm not sure how you did introduction? They do have separate cages correct,?
Are they flighted? Being flighted really helps as they will do avoiding.

What has worked for me is going slow, 3 weeks on opposite sides of my great room. Getting both birds in a good relaxed mood, keeping new bird caged abd walking over with original bird to say hi feeding both treats, keeping original on me not letting them come in contact. Repeat only switching to original caged new on me abd lots of treats. Keeping it brief. Repeat several times a day for the 3 weeks.

Meanwhile lots if extra attention and reassurance to original. Always greeting original first in morning abd when coming home.

When it comes to first introduction a neutral space with lots of room, I've done a table top, or my bed. I get them in a good calm mood, and set up food and snacks about 3 feet apart. I set them up with food 3 feet apart, abd I'm nit going to let them get close to each other or interactions . I have an envelope or a sheet of paper I will use to out infront of one if it trys to charge. The goal of this first meeting is for them to eat their treats in their own corner and ignore each other. If one acts up it goes back to the cage . Then I try again later. I keep Repeat this as long as needed for them to be good about just hanging out in each other company. Then I start moving snacks closer. Till eventually 8 to 6 inches apart .

Then I start trying to have them out but apart, rotation of on me back to a perch then the other one on me back to a perch. Or hanging out on tge couch with one on one side if me and tge other in the other side. Treats snd love to each. Anyone being bad goes back to cage sbd I try again later.

Then I move their cages closer together about 3 feet apart. If cages need to be evenly to each other I do thast slow

Never place them on a perch together or in a cage together. Never let them climb on the others cage while they are inside.

Anyway that has worked with multiple birds being added over time, till I suddenly had 7. I have a ton of perches on top of each cage, hanging over each cage, 4 added hanging out spots. With food dishes and foraging spread out.

You can still start over and do this to reintroduce them to each other. Parrot rescues thst have multiple burds out do very similar to this.

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