New Macaw hybrid


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Aug 2, 2021
Hello. I'm joining this forum searching for some info. I have a Camelot macaw male and a B/G female. They are bonded and live in the same cage. They are now starting to lay the bottom of the cage this time...getting a nest box asap. I am researching to find out what this 3rd generation hybrid would be far, haven't found a Camelot / B/G hybrid. Anyone know what they would be?


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Jul 10, 2015
Western, Michigan
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I personally am not a fan of Hybrids as they tend to develop health problems and common result in every smaller bodied Parrots and duller colors.

Just because your female is laying eggs does not mean that they have been fertilized and that chicks will hatch. Just adding a nest box has no advantage if the two Parrots are young and you do not have the skills to care for the chicks if the parents reject them. So, do not add a nest box.

You need to have your Female seen by an Avian Medical Professional ASAP to assure her health as she may become egg bound!

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