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Aug 13, 2013
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And here it is! By popular demand and with permission from our awesome mods, we're going to do the first ever Gift Exchange! If this works out, we'll do more in the future!

What is a Gift Exchange? It's simple! It's an opportunity to shop for someone else and their bird, ship your selections to them and surprise them with some cool stuff! In exchange, you get a surprise too! Who doesn't like surprises?!

Gifts may be purchased or handmade and you're not limited to shopping just for a bird, though at least something needs to be for them. You're welcome to spend as much as you like, but you must spend at least the minimum amount (or include at least the value of handmade items)

Please read the rules prior to committing to join. You'll have to PM me for those!

Copy and paste the entry form I send you and send it back to me so I can pass that info on to your secret buddy. Don't worry. Your information is kept confidential and will be deleted after the exchange is complete. I'm far too busy to stalk someone, but even so, at 5'3" an 100lbs, I'm not a very intimidating stalker. You could probably take me down with a pinky toe!

[FONT=&quot]Entries must be in by 10/7
You will be notified who your secret buddy is by PM on 10/15
Gifts must be postmarked no later than 12/5. Please PM me your tracking number as soon as you ship.[/FONT]
[FONT=&quot]International should be shipped by 12/1[/FONT][FONT=&quot]
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Jul 20, 2012
Unfortunately we cannot do the Gift Exchange on the open forum.

I take full responsibility for this, as I went ahead without asking permission first.

Gina is still willing to do the gift exchange, however, it will all have to be done PRIVATELY (via PMs). Gina took down ALL info that was provided by members who wanted to participate. IF any member who signed up wants to back out because of the change, please let Gina know via PM. The same goes for those who wanted to participate, but didn't have a chance to sign up yet.

I sincerely and whole heartedly apologize to all of you.
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