Quaker chewing rope perch till no end


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Dec 23, 2014
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Hey y'all, my 10 month old parrot was never a chewer, but he has since seen the glory of chewing. So, he has shredded a large amount of his rope perch. he has like 12487128940128 toys for shredding, but he does not even touch them. Is there anyway to deter him from chewing his perch (since its expensive and replacing it every month would be something id prefer not to do), or should i just admit defeat?


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Jul 25, 2014
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(its 3 am right now, so sorry if my wording is off)
Honestly, from my personal opinion, I would get rid of the rope perch entirely. Even if he's just chewing, he can still digest small parts of the rope that will eventually build up. meaning lots of expensive vet bills because if it gets too bad, he'll need to get surgery to remove it...and surgeries can be extremely dangerous when it has to do with smaller parrots.
Theres also a chance he can get caught in the rope. Luckily, none of my birds are really bad chewers so I have had no accidents. I still maintain and check for any loose threads and replace when needed.
If you still want rope perches, (I'd make a stand or) place it on a stand so he can still get some comfort but only under your supervision.


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Apr 27, 2014
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My Sassy chewed her perch through at the end where it attaches to the plastic connector. Just a note, I kept the plastic connector/ends and used them for a wood perch of the same diameter. Worked great! I did not replace the rope perch as she would just done the same thing, but I do have a couple rope toys that she just plays with but doesn't chew apart. I also had a rope perch on the outside of her cage which she did not chew???


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Apr 18, 2014
I thought my Too was chewing the rope but turns out she is just using it to rub her beak. It looks worn and chewed but I'm watching her and it's just rubbed. She rubs her beak on her other perches too but I don't see the wear on them.


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Mar 8, 2015
I encourage my Quaker to chew certain things by wedging a nutriberri in whatever I want him to chew. I also had to put several kinds of chewy toys before figuring he likes the piñata style woven ones--those are especially easy to turn into foraging toys. I agree that the rope perch should be removed lest she injest some.


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Feb 26, 2013
Rope perches are not for every bird- if he's chewing it, get rid of it....it will only be a hazard and a money waster if you continue to give him rope perches.

My cockatiel is not allowed to have rope perches because he chews them- everyone else in my flock doesn't chew them, so they have rope perches in their cages.


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Dec 22, 2014
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Try sisal perches instead! They are cheaper and easier on their systems if accidentally ingested. Or even wrap some sisal twine around a regular wooden perch for an even cheaper solution. Chewing is good and something you want to encourage on the right things before they start chewing on the wrong things (rope, furniture, walls, themselves :()

Personally, I would never EVER purchase any edible toy from a petsmart from all of the horror stories I have heard but there are plenty of edible perches from more reputable sources.


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Sep 14, 2013
Columbus, GA
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My rule of thumb is no rope inside the cage. Too much danger of entanglement or even ingestion. I use my rope toys on the play gyms where they are supervised. I would simply replace the perch with a wooden one.

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