leg band

  1. D

    Leg band identification - help!

    Hello - Not sure if this is the right place for this topic but hoping someone might be able to shed some light on my parrots leg band. I have a pinnaple conure. He came to live with me on the 19th December - I was told he was 12 weeks old. I'm struggling to read the leg band and the breeder...
  2. K

    Can anyone offer advice on leg band removal

    Hello, my name is Katie and I have a Black Capped conure named Yoshi who is almost a year old. The last months he has been chewing at his leg band and I am worried it will become obsessive. There are not a lot of avian vets in our area( Columbus, OH) and the 2 we found couldn't see us fir a...
  3. F

    New parrot fan here

    I’m new to parrots. We’ve been housemates with a Green Quaker since November and a Pineapple Conure a few weeks now. The Conure has a shady history so I’m trying to find out information regarding his closed leg band. CTP MI 195 I believe he’s from Michigan but not sure of his hatch year. Any...
  4. R

    Determining leg band meaning

    Hi! I just got my Green Cheek Conure from someone who couldn't have it anymore. It has an open gold band on it's right leg that has A0002 written on the band. Can anyone tell me what it means? Thanks!
  5. C

    Tracking Leg Band Numbers?

    Hello, I adopted my first eclectus hen earlier last year, and I was given very limited information from her previous owner. I want to learn where she came from, and exactly what subspecies she is, as well as if her age is accurate. So to start, I'm trying to learn where she came from, but I'm...
  6. Lifewith3birds

    Is this an import leg band?

    I recently bought a goffins cockatoo, Frankie, from the gateway parrot club bird fair. The woman selling him owns Midwest Bird Toys in Indiana and is also a breeder. She told me he is 7 years old and that his previous owner had breast cancer and couldnt keep him. She said he had him now for 9...
  7. Axel

    Bird Trying to Pry Off Leg Band

    My parakeet, Doodle, recently has been biting at his leg band. He has broken it open a little bit, and it seems fairly close to coming off. I first noticed this today. It does not seem too tight around his leg, so I am unsure of why this behavior started. Any advice/tips on what to do or...
  8. littleredhen77

    leg band questions

    Hello! i just created an account so i could get on here and see if anyone can help me figure this out. My name is Heather and i had been looking for a male eclectus for over a year when i finally found one for sale near me. i didnt want to pay a breeder so i was hoping one would pop up that i...
  9. JennyB

    The DNA Results are Back!

    It's been very crazy and hectic around here lately with Spring Break, horse shows, vet visits, inlaws visiting from South Carolina, etc. etc.! But... We finally got Jasper's leg band removed :) & decided to DNA Jelly while we were there. (Hubby cancelled a work trip, went along, and...
  10. M

    Quaker Help? C:

    Hi, I'm new to this website so I apologize ahead of time if I posted this in the wrong place! Well anyway let me begin my long story.... XD you probably won't believe me though! Well anyway I got a Quaker Parrot around 4 weeks ago but not by normal means this little cutie flew into my neighbors...
  11. Rubyandme

    New GCC owner:reading leg band

    Hello everyone! I recently got my new baby (ruby) yesterday from petco and was looking at her leg band and I'm not too sure how to read it or what the numbers mean. Her band says "aloha" and then vertically say "HI 13" and then three more numbers horizontally. I'm assuming she's from Hawaii but...
  12. H

    Red belly with a wonky beak and a mystery leg band---HALP!

    Hey All, Back story: I had a Meyer's parrot for many years that we lost unexpectedly several weeks ago. We loved having a poi and were open to the idea of getting another, when we stumbled across a red belly at a creepy little pet store this weekend. Said bird was in a budgie cage (at best)...
  13. B

    put closed leg band?

    I'm getting baby macaw (6 weeks old). The breeder didn't put any leg band. I want to put closed leg band. Does anyone know if it is possible to put closed leg band at this age for Catalina macaw? thanks for the answer