Quaker Sarcasm?


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Oct 27, 2013
U2-Poppy(Poppy lives with her new mommy, Misty now) CAG-Jack, YNA, Bingo, Budgie-Piper, Cockatiel-Sweet Pea Quakers-Harry, Sammy, Wilson ***Zeke (quaker) Twinkle (budgie) forever in our hearts
Our three quakers are a constant source of amusement, all three have over the top but very different Quaker personalities. Harry, well she's still Harry, sweet and adorable one second, all out terrorist the next.

Sammy is an adult male, he's a talker, a builder and a comedian. I'm his favorite human, he has little use for anyone else although he will solicit conversation with others. He loves being out of his cage and hates going back in, he shares a room with four flighted birds and he's always the last bird to return to his cage. Sammy makes a game of everything, bathtime, bedtime, playtime, every time. The other birds put themselves back in their cages as soon as they see me put a fresh bowl of chop in each cage. Not Sam, he watches the whole routine until he's the only bird left outside his cage, this is our quality time, we play by Sam's rules. I usually play the uncut version of Freebird for him while he takes advantage of unoccupied air space, he flies loops, practices take offs and landings from my shoulder, cage hops to irritate his flock mates and in the process uses up his pent up energy by the end of the utube concert. At that point he parks himself under the ladder of his own playtop and starts giggling, that's my cue to grab his favorite green hand towel and attempt to cover him with it, he runs backwards, giggles, tells me, "You better be good", "Don't bite Momma", and "Gimme a kiss". When he's finished with this part of the game he will sidle over to the edge of his cage top and allow me to pick him up in his towel, he likes being cuddled in a towel and this fact comes in handy when he needs an exam for any reason.

Sammy and Harry were both adult birds when we adopted them and both are more hands off, Wilson is our hand-fed quaker, he's still a cuddly character as an adult, yesterday during a final cage door check I discovered an empty cage, Wilson had finished his chop and returned to his playtop for a little extra out time. I asked Wilson to step up and as always he ran to me to be cuddled. I noticed Sammy clinging to his cage bars giving me and Wilson the evil eye consumed by pure jealousy. I snuggled Wilson closer and walked over to Sammy's cage so that they were eye to eye and up close. Before I could say a word, Sammy bobbed his head and said, "Wilson's a good bayyy-beee! Wilson, I love you soooo much!" That's the first time I've heard Sammy say Wilson's name. To anyone else this was Sammy being precious, because I know my Sam so well I know every word of his sweet talk was dripping with sarcasm.


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May 14, 2016
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Quaker sarcasm, without a doubt. I'm on Sammy's side. I actually think I resent Wilson. Wilson is a little brat. Wait a minute. I'm being Sammanipulated!


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Jul 14, 2017
A crossover Quaker Scuti (F), A Sun conure named AC, A Cinnamon Green Cheek conure Kent, and 6 budgies, Scuti Jr. (f), yellow (m), clark Jr. (m), Dot (f), Zebra(f), Machine (m).
sammy was "samsplaining" to you.... :D

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