Quiet Conure, very worried


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Jun 9, 2020
My conure has been very quiet the last few days. She's usually very chipper and talkative, even in her sleep, but now she barely makes a noise when I leave the room.

I just started a new job so I'm not home for as long as I was before so could it have something to do with that?? Or should I take her to the vet in case she's sick?


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Aug 2, 2018
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With a bird I always worry health issue first. Often being quiet or change in behavior is a big indication of a health problem.

A good thing to always do is track weights. Get a digital kitchen gram scale , i place a sturdy fish with seeds on the scale, then zero it out and put my bird in the dish or perched on the side. I have a notebook and write down the weights in grams. GCC are usually around 70 grams, but each bird has their own normal weight. You want to weigh the bird at the same time each day, weight for a GCC can fluctuate about two grams. So you look for trends, keep in mind that for little birds a true two gram loss is a big deal , but with crops and poops you can see weight bounce up and down a little if you weigh every day. For a maybe sick bird I would weigh every day for healthy birds once a week or every two weeks. This helps you pick up illness and hidden problems.

Now if you think anything is off with your bird, we always recommend contacting your Savin veterans, as you know birds hide illlness and there is often nit a lot of time from things being off to things being dire....there is no way for us to be sure if this is behavior or illness

When my GCC was sick she was 69 grams when she became well she is 74 grams and her weight is pretty stable st that exact weight, tho sometimes she has been 72 grams. If I had been weighing her before she got sick I would have picked up that drop, but I didn’t start till she was sick and we went to the vet. Her symptoms were very subtle, she took day naps, and she quite taking baths when normally she took one every day. Otherwise she ate and pooped normal so these signs of illness can be very subtle like you described


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May 13, 2020
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I agree. Best way to know if there is a health issue is to check weights.

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