1. TeekoGreenCheek

    Teekos protection issues..

    I need some advice to help Teeko stop being so protective...Teeko is very loving toward me and wants to be by my side everywhere and anywhere at all times of the day. I love his attention as much as he loves mine and my wife's. But..the downside is he OVER protective. If anyone comes in my...
  2. Teeko


    Teeko is a froot loop
  3. O

    A Conure Couple for adoption

    Hi, 4 months ago a negotiated a deal to get two conures for PetLand because they were there.for almost a year, they did not have a good quality life lr attention. I already had a conure thative jad sine he was little and he is very calm and behaved, the new two how ever are not ! Im having a...
  4. bonitabird59

    Really nippy baby GCC

    Hi everyone! I recently adopted a baby GCC conure male named Jello. (previously I introduced him on here as Ziggy, but his name has since changed). He's a super sweet guy just trying to figure out how the world works, and he's so cuddly. But he bites... hard. He starts out by slowly pinching me...
  5. R

    I really miss my conures

    I posted back in October of how I was afraid I had to rehome my two conures, and was just asking for advice. I didn't have the heart to reply back to everyone who messaged/interacted with the thread, but I'm very grateful and definitely took everything said into account. I really tried my best...
  6. Akramkhan346

    Advise needed for conures

    Hello folks, I am new to this forum and am also a first-time bird owner. came across this forum while searching for some answers over google. Moving further I have a pair of Conures 42 days old (Fluffy and Coco). 1. Now I am feeding then NutriBird A21 (15 ml - Breakfast and Lunch followed by...
  7. Ava.rg

    Help!! Advice needed

    Hi everyone! Happy to say I haven’t had to make a post in a very long time because my 1 year old green cheek and I have been very happy! So here’s my dilemma I can’t decide if I should take my bird with me the weeks I go to my dads house or not. the back story: Every summer I go to my dads...
  8. L

    Male pineapple conures frighten when showering

    Hi all, I’ve grown up with parakeets cockatiels and finches and this is my first time with pineapple conures. The oldest is 1 year the youngest is almost 9 months both are DNA tested both males. Lately what has been happening is the youngest will shower and the older one will try to go next and...
  9. J

    Hard biting (male peach fronted conure)

    Hey guys My names jacob and i just joined up to ask some questions about my lovely peach fronted conure Petrie. He’s going really well, and is the first conure ive owned. I’ve previously kept budgies and cockatiels, so i have a bit of experience. Anyway, he is hand-raised, gentle, and...
  10. Cagzo

    Pellet food.

    What in your opinion is the pellet food most Conures will eat? Im coming to the end of Connies bag of "Kaytee exact"which I had to grind up and sprinkle on her chop. I hear a few of you talking of" Zupreem" do you get it from Amazon. We are in lockdown atm,so would have to send for something...
  11. honeyedspace

    Quiet Conure, very worried

    My conure has been very quiet the last few days. She's usually very chipper and talkative, even in her sleep, but now she barely makes a noise when I leave the room. I just started a new job so I'm not home for as long as I was before so could it have something to do with that?? Or should I...
  12. R

    Green Cheek Conures - Number of Hatchlings

    I believe that conures quite often lay up to 6 eggs but usually only rare 2 or 3, does anyone know why this may be the case. I now have a second pair of conures. It will be interesting how they go as well. Love Conures, they are great birds. I would appreciate comments on the number of hatchlings.
  13. P

    Resuced birds need home

    Resuced birds need home -- Dayton, Ohio I have 2 green cheek Coures and 2 Cockatiels in Dayton, Ohio. I rescued them from someone I know because they were not taking care of their properly. There were 3 Conures, One had a broken leg when I got him so I took him to the vet and after...
  14. S

    GCC and grapes

    I have read information that says that Grapes are like poison to GCC and other information that says I feed my GCC Grapes and they love them. I would like to address the forum on this. Can I give my GCC Grapes? Thanks:gcc:
  15. zeldatheaccordionbirb

    New member - also seeking advice.

    I'm Kirstan. I have 3 lovely Conures. Beau is a male crimson bellied conure. Zelda is a female crimson bellied conure and Thomas is a male turquoise green cheek conure. They are all 5 years or younger and all rehomes. I'm also seeking advice on Beau - he is a sweet bird of about 1 year and 8...
  16. T

    Can conures be breed in a colony

    Hello everyone, I have been breeding tiels for a couple of years now and I have 2 large colonies but I am looking to extend my bird breeding. I have been trying to find an answer online but it is not very obvious. I live in Australia so for new birds, it is a bit more expensive and not many...
  17. PickleMeDickles


    Hello name is Jen and I used to post to the conure forum all of the time. I had two suns and a gcc that were tragically lost to a Teflon disaster a couple of years ago. They were much loved and will always be missed! After some healing, we went to the same breeder house to adopt another...
  18. M

    Quick question on mating...

    Hi! I am new to the site and have never posted on forum but am in need of an answer and hope to find it here. I have a budgie, sun conure and double yellowhead. My budgie has mated with the sun conure about 8x this morning. Is there any chance they were successful and will they (or can...
  19. T

    What are the Best triangle beds for Conures?

    Hey everyone, We have a conure and she has had a triangle bed that she loves and the material she isn’t able to chew apart but we were wanting to replace it because she has had this one for a while and we can’t seem to find the same type of bed. Do you have any suggestions as to what material...
  20. beetory

    Conure Bonding Worries

    Hi guys, Me again, grr. I was thinking about my conures today (who are parents right now and taking care of their babies) and I was wondering what's going to happen to the bond we have with them now that this is going on? I try not to bother them too much now or take them out of the cage...