Ringneck plucked himself bald due to allergies...


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Jan 29, 2024
Indian Ringneck
Posting on here cause I'm really bummed out about my parrot. He's 5 going on 6. This was one of the major things I was always hyper vigilant about in regards to my parrot. Noticed immediately he was plucking (he started with his back/under wing area). He has since then plucked everywhere completely bald except his head, tail, flight feathers and can still fly.

I traveled out to the closest(which was not close at all) avian vet (which was recommended to us via the breeder) multiple times. The vet ran tests and said that he had excellent husbandry. Said he is plucking due to allergies (seasonal due to where we live). Each time we went out, it was the same verdict and he gave us some pacifier meds. I'm constantly skeptical about what he said BUT: I don't think the vet was lying or purposely dragging me on, it's a very reputable vet.

The plucking has developed into a habit for him. Besides from his constant monitoring of his own appearance, he's normal. (For context this situation has been in development for the past year)

I would love to know if anyone else has been in a similar situation where you think you've done everything right but still end up getting a bald bird at the end of it... lol. Also any non obvious advice on breaking the plucking habit for this situation? Thanks!

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