should i get my quaker a friend?


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May 27, 2020
So i have a young quaker. i was thinking of getting him a cage mate.
i have two cockatiels and they do really well together. it made me think if he would too. my quaker Ori loves me very much but isn’t a fan of my family.
when we go on family holidays my mother always stays with the animals since we have so many. we don’t away often at all once or twice or year at most.
my mum has MS and isn’t always very well. she already has a lot on with the other animals we have. i just worry when i’m gone he won’t get enough attention and he’ll me depressed. i put on a quaker parrot video because i like watching them and he was calling back to them every time they made a noise. i don’t think Ori would appreciate a bird of another species as he doesn’t really like my cockatiels. he’s fine with them but does try to pull their tails sometimes.
i just wonder if it will help him. i currently have a lot of time with him as the lockdown. after when i go back to school because of my personal situation i may continue working from home and the only jobs i’d be having are jobs were i have time with birds. but on days i go out i think it may help him. i’d love to hear your opinions on this.


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Apr 5, 2020
Quaker - named Blue, but actually green :D
Hi Koji, from what i can tell we're at a similar point in thought. As for your situation, it sounds like your quaker has some other birds around which is great as well as your mom, are they near by? can they see each other/call to each other? If so i think your Quaker will do fine while you're away as long as you get to spend some time in the afternoon with it when you're back. What sort of hours are you doing where you're away from your bird? I was considering getting another bird too, but i'm going to pull the reigns on that decision as i think i need to give our Quaker time to adjust to my new schedule. Have a look at the thread i posted in this forum regarding my change of job and see if any of the advice there seems helpful to you.

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