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Jul 10, 2015
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The two piece plastic travel carrier has been around for a long time. The vast majority are sold to and use by the cat and dog world, since they are durable, and quickly breakdown for washing and easy storage. Because of the range of sizes available, we parrot owners have been using them to transport our parrots for nearly as long. However, the one short fall has always been the lack of a perch.

With luck, installing a perch is fairly simple!

Wood saw (1)
Electric Drill (1)
Drill bit - sized smaller than selected screw (1)
Drill bit - single size larger than outside diameter of screw size (1)
Measuring Tape (1)
Marker (1)

Wood Perch - cut length equal to width of lower carrier, diameter size specific to your parrot (1)
Stainless steel metal screws - 1 to 2" in length, specific to size of parrot (2)
Stainless steel washer of equal or larger diameter than perch (2)

Measure your parrot:
The finial goal is that your parrot should perch facing the door and be just far enough from the door that it would need to lean slightly toward the door to hold the door with his/her beak when needed. In addition, while on the perch, s/he should be able to look out the door without bending down. The location of the perch is determined by measuring your parrot's height and length while on its favorite perch (normal rest position). Centerline of perch to top of head and centerline of perch to front of beak. This measurement will define the location of the perch from the door and the top of the travel carrier. Note: The measures can be obtained from the outside of the cage with the parrot near that side of the cage.
Disassemble Travel Carrier. Note the location and position of the door hinges and locking unit. Repeat this location when re-assembling the travel carrier.

Measure from the centerline of the door hinge along and inside the bottom section of the travel carrier and mark the length of your parrot, plus 1/2" to 2" additional length of your parrot (small to large parrot). Mark both left and right sides of lower travel carrier body. NOTE: Make the marks inside the carrier bottom.

Measure door and compare it to the height of your parrot. If your parrot is taller then the door, the drill height will set below the door opening by the overall height of the door minus the height of your parrot. Remember that this measurement will be to the 'top' of the perch. Your drill location will be 1/2 the diameter of your perch below this point. NOTE: Do not set the bottom of the perch closer than 1" from the bottom of the carrier! If the carrier size is proper for your parrot, the top of the perch will be ever or just below the bottom of the lower carrier's door opening.

Dry set the perch in place and make finial adjustments as needed prior to drilling the two side holes! Assure that the selected screw passes though the hole without binding. For a greater level of comfort, re-assembly the travel carrier and double check all measurement prior to drilling holes.

Use the smaller drill bit (double check prior to drilling into the perch ends; set the drill along the length of the screw, if the threads are not blocked by the drill bit, the selection is good, (NOTE: With the larger parrots, it is better that the drill size is at least one side smaller to assure that the perch does not twist in use.) and center drill each end of the perch equal to the length of the screw.

Set the perch in place. Place the washer on the outside and then set the screw into the holes and tighten each side to a point that the perch can still be turned. Adjust the perch to the allow a good area for your parrot to perch on. Once you are happy with the location, tighten both sides.

Re-assemble travel carrier.
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