Succession with Introducing Touch Stick Training


Aug 26, 2020
Hi all, long time no see. I paused training with Mofu for a while because she had started dramatically losing feathers on her head, it was quite scary to see, even when following all advice on how to promote feather growth. Luckily she is finally growing pins back in, but it has taken 2 months to do so. We got our third all clear from the vet yesterday, so I figured it was time to continue with training after all.
Today Mofu was very eager for attention. We introduced her to stick touch training, and she got the hang of it within 20 minutes. For a stubborn bird, I think she’s doing well.
Please enjoy a small tidbit of her figuring out the training (and try to ignore how she currently looks like a plucked chicken):
[ame=""]Touch stick training progress with Mofu - YouTube[/ame]

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