Sudden brown coloring on Normal GCC


Apr 11, 2017
Green Cheek Conure female
My female, almost 3 yr old GCC, "Piper", has suddenly developed some brown/coppery colorations on her head--around the crown and down her nape a bit--over the black. It's translucent and I had to see her in outdoor light to see it, but it's definitely real.

Possible causes I'm considering:
1. She recently grew in a LOT of new feathers on top of her head as she had a minor "scrape" with a door and she lost a big patch off of her head. No other damage except for the tiniest scratch I could only see with a magnifying glass--she literally scraped the patch of feather off down to the skin. It wasn't hugely noticeable because other feathers around it covered up a lot of it. But it literally JUST finished filling in and last week I think I finished doing all her pins in that area. Could this have caused the discoloration:
2. My schedule has changed and I'm sleeping less due to a medication change. I have Piper in her own room (my office) with a door and her cage is covered. But as soon as I come downstairs in the morning, no matter yow quiet I am she hears me and is awake and chirping in her cage until I get her up. I try to make sure he is covered for at least 10 hours, but we don't always make it--and I'm wondering if it even matters if she's not sleeping? I can put her to bed earlier if need be, (she won't like it) but again, I will be watching TV in the room next door and she won't sleep. I don't have a soundproof room to put her in. LOL

So could either of these be causing this brownish coloration? Or is it an adult change? She used to have a row of red feathers along the top of her nares when she was a baby--same color as her belly/tail, but she grew out of those. And she's gotten some more blue as she's matured too.


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