The Rickeybird Scrapbook, 1984 - Updates

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"Is International Skinny-Dip day!
All you hot henz come on over!"

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Kentuckienne Anthology Update

The First and Ongoing
The Parrot Forum Poetry
of the Kentuckienne

Let us begin.


The Queen of Bavaria (dedicated to the lovely and stalwart GaleriaGila, whose favorite species is the Queen of Bavaria Conure )

Don't challenge me 'cause my rhymes will bury ya'

I'm Q.O.B. I'm the Queen of Bavaria

I bring the thunder, I rule the weather,

You mess with me, you get buttfeathered.

I got me a friend and I say the word,

You gonna get a dose of the Rickey Bird.

I'm the Beauty and he's the Beast

Your rhyme’s a snack, but mine’s the feast.

You better keep up 'cause I ain't gonna carry ya,

You never saw nothing like the Queen of Bavaria.


Anansi, the Spider God (dedicated as dedicated)
Sung to the tune of... you'll see...

Spider God, spider God

Does whatever he can to mod..

Moderate, moderate,

He's in charge of your new post's fate

Play nice, here comes the Spider Mod!

In the dead of night,

When he should be in bed,

He stays up to write,

And make sure posts are read..

Spider Mod, Spider Mod,

He's the ultimate trickster God,

Spins a yarn, always nice,

For eclectus has good advice

Anaaan-si is the Spider Mod!


Patagonian Gangsta (dedicated to... do I really need to say it?)
This one makes me sweat.

You say beautiful day, just look at the weather

But stay outta my way or you get the buttfeather.

I’m Rickey the Bird and I own the high ground

I’ll show you the works, both feather and down

Homey, this is my cage, my hen, my chili

You mess with my world and I’ll feather you silly.

The strong gonna crumble, the mighty will fall,

They saw what I did to the Demon Ball

The Devil, Godzilla, and Hannibal Lector

All gonna need a buttfeather protector

Run fast as you can, hide best you can hide,

You’ll never be safe from my under side.

Wherever you go I’ll be up above

And I’m gonna show you some rooster butt love

Look up overhead and BAM! You been served

You puny old humans got what you deserved

You oughta be glad I allowed you to see

The glorious butt feathers underneath me

There was never a sunrise, never a flower,

Compete with my Patagonian power

Come on you hot henz dressed in satin and leathers

We’ll show all the losers the Rickeybutt feathers!


To the tune of “Let it Snow”

Oh, the feathers below are frightful,

But your screams are so delightful.

So if you’ve no place to go,

Let me show you the pinions below!

Oh, I don’t think that I will be stopping

I might even add some droppings

So don’t stand too close below,

Let it flow, that’s my rule, let it go!

When we finally say night-night,

How I’ll hate you to cover my form!

If you don’t want to feel my bite,

Better make chilis the norm!

Oh, there isn’t no use in crying,

Of buttfeathers there’s no denying

So as long as you’re down below,

See the show, see the show, see the show!


ANOTHER stellar entry.
All hail the Sidechick.
This one is in response to the delightful and innocent Xanderbird, Gail's online parrot-love.

Rickeybird says:
He’s a shoulder lander,
A poop commander,
With parrot dander!
I don’t understand her…
She’s got a Patagonian gander -
There ain’t nothin’ grander -
But chooses to pander
To this walnut demander,
A down-under-lander!
In all candor,
You better unhand her!
That’s MY hen, Xander.


The Anniversary One

They call him the Rival
He’s hoping for survival
And the wine vat’s arrival

Or maybe the beer
Will augment the cheer
And alleviate the fear
Of the bite

He made the right call
In for the long haul
Amusing us all
Though we’ve heard

It must be a war zone
Pain in the …. ear-bone
Life with the devil’s own

As enduring and eternally underpaid Archivist of the Rickeybird Scrapbook, I shall maintain this Anthology henceforward, forhenceward, so forth, so on, etc., etc.
I must rest now.

The Rival

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