Tiki2 has a new home


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Sep 25, 2013
East Kootenays BC Canada
one male cinnamon-pearl cockatiel
This is just a note to say that Tiki2 has a new home now. Because I was unable to care for him anymore (due to my worsening disabilities), we found him an excellent new home. The "bird lady" (as she is known locally) loved him and he is very happy with her and 4 other birds!! I've checked on him a few times over the past couple months and I've been so impressed. The woman has rescued birds from serious situations over the past 10 years and once they were back to good health they were given to new owners. Tiki2 wasn't a rescue and she has adopted him plus taught him some really cool things. He is so cute with one of her own birds that is blind and unable to fly. It's like Tiki2 just "knows" that the little guy needs help and gentleness.

I enjoyed my time scrolling thru different forums in here and learning things each time I did so. Thankyou and goodbye. Happy bird-loving days to each of you.
One of the most selfless acts on behalf our pets is to find an excellent home when circumstances change beyond our control. I'm glad you found a terrific situation for Tiki2, and wish you the best health possible.

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