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Oct 28, 2021
Sun Conure
Hi, so I am a teenager and have had a sun conure for about 1 and a half years now. He follows my whole family to any room in the house, screams when we get home, etc.

Anyways, I desperately need some advice. We want to go on vacation for one month soon. Although, with ticket prices so high we have a problem. My whole family wants to go meaning that no one would be with my sun conure, therefore we would like to leave him with my aunt. Problems: my uncle smokes outside the house, is this still a problem? is leaving him for that long okay? Also, there is someone that lives in the same house that feeds her birds things like chicken, etc. This is something I do not like, although I can try to convince my aunt to be very cautious that my bird doesn't eat anything like that. Please let me know, I am very confused. Thanks.

Also, the thing is my bird likes to fight other people, so I don't think my aunt would let him out of the cage, for a whole month I don't how he'd manage.

Im worried about plucking, etc.

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