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Jun 2, 2012
Hiccup, Pineapple Greencheek Conure
Alright, I know eating is a social thing for birds, but I want someone elses opinion. Helitorian is very lenient with her birds, letting Con and Barker eat off her plate, drink from her cup, and offering them drinks from her water bottle to the point where she told me Con flew over to her, landed on the other side of her cereal bowl, and started eating, and she had to go get Barker so she could do the same. I don't let Hiccup on me while I'm eating. I don't let her eat directly from my bowl or drink from my glass or bottle, cause I don't want her to think that what I eat she should eat, especially since I'm a coffee and tea drinker and I like sugary foods. I was wonder what everyone else thought about it. Do you let your birds eat right off your plate, or do you offer them some? Do you let them drink out of your cups and offer them drinks from your water bottles?
Yes to all of the above.....he usually only takes a few bites, but everything he wants to share with us. Coffee = NO.......and yes it can be difficult, but in our case he has learned when we say no to coffee he just leaves it alone.
What he really likes to do is drink water from our glass and then try to bathe in it. LOL
i dont let pickle go near our plates. not for lack of him trying. but if we are having a proper dinner with veggies and some meat and there are veggies that didnt get gravy on them yes i do give them to him. :p
We put his perspex box on the table so he can eat with us, but out of his own bowls and he seems content with that, though we hang the open edge off the edge of the table so he cant climb around and sneak attack us. XD

hahaah honestly theres really nothing wrong with it, unless you are uncomfortable with the idea that the bird will then expect it, or charge at inappropriate foods. :)
Yes it can be embarrassing when company comes......then you just have to put them in their cage. Not everyone is comfortable with a bird eating out of their plate. LOL
We have little bowls that we fill with whatever part of our dinner is "Sonny-appropriate" along with some broccoli, corn, pasta or other favorites. He sits with us and eats from his bowl, but never from our plates (not that he doesn't sometimes try, but on the most part he seems content with his dish).

I think whatever works for you, but assuring that your birds do not eat anything that is bad or dangerous for them.
Oh no, he only gets veggies if we are having something like enchiladas or mexican food or whatever else is bad for him, we have tr put him in jail. LOL
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I eat with Hiccup, but she eats out of her dish and I eat off mine. I'm also pretty bad at remembering to take all plates out of the room with me and she's good at getting out of her cage. I don't want her to see the plate and think, hmm, I should go try that, and then she dies cause I was eating a sandwich with avacado on it or something. If I know she can eat it, I'll offer her some, but that's it
My birds eat from our plates if we are eating bird-appropriate food. If we are not, they will get their food on their perch/play stand which will keep them occupied long enough for us to eat. I am a diet coke addict so they never drink from my glass, but we always have a water glass for them to drink out of.

When company is over they are pretty good, usually content to sit on a shoulder and eat a green bean or something. At least, it hasn't bothered anyone yet.
Our saliva has bacteria that is not good for birds. So sharing is good if given in their own plate and cup.
Sharing food with my boys has been the only way they will try fresh foods. It is always the same, House tries it and then Wilson but only if they are sitting on me. After a few times of doing that I can put it in their cage and they will eat it by themselves.
House can be persistant about trying to getting hold of everything though. I'm trying to teach him no to my drinks but I bring an extra glass of water for them. They LOVE licking the outside of glasses though. I can start a riot if I take the glass away from them.
Our saliva has bacteria that is not good for birds. So sharing is good if given in their own plate and cup.

That is true, I should have clarified.........we slide small portions of what he is allowed to one side of our plate. That is his side.
My birds eat off my plate too , as long as it is bird safe . My husband does not like for the birds to eat from his plate so when he is home in the evening I just put them up until he is finished eating. My husband grew up without animals so the thought of a bird on the side of his plate just does not fly with him...lol
I'm glad you guys are talking about this. The last 3 days Purl has taken sips of my coffee...(I use organic palm sugar and half&half). The first time I had turned around and her head was in my mug. I was like what the??? Second day I told her no..she flung something on the floor I picked it up..her head was in my mug again. This morning I was like NO WAY..and she was sooo pissy. Everything got thrown on the floor...my mouse (which broke into 82 pieces), almonds, crumbled up envelope I had for her..etc, etc.
I've had her about a month..I'm thinking her former owners let her have it because she is way persistant about it. If I made decaf (YUCK) would it be ok for her to have a sip? Is it the caffeine that is bad only or coffee in general?
I hate to start our morning with her getting mad at me...
Guava would live in my cereal bowl if she could, lol! When we're alone, my girlfriend and I may let her eat from our plates on occasion (as long as it's not toxic). However, if we have company we serve her a special treat in her cage, and that often keeps her busy.
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