1. M

    Tips for a newbie?

    Hey everyone! I just got my green cheeked conure today from his old owner who could no longer care for him anymore. He's one and a half years old and we were told because his former owner had no time and left him in the cage, he has become somewhat irritable and nippy. We brought him home and...
  2. A

    lonely, bored or just fascination?

    Hello everyone, I have a one year old green cheek conure and I notice that when I have her by the living room window which faces a lot of trees she tends to purr and look out avidly and often try to step through the window.she will talk out to the others birds as well, especially crows.she loves...
  3. G

    What bird is right for me?

    I am looking to get a bird in the near future. I want a small parrot species that would be good in an apartment. This is my first bird, and while I have done some research, I know that I know next to nothing about having a bird. Aside from fish, there are no other pets in the apartment. What I...
  4. happycat

    Price of GCC?

    Im wondering about what a baby gcc would cost. Can anyone tell me about how much a baby gcc with cage,toys etc. would cost? I know nobody knows the exact cost but around. Thanks :blue1:
  5. GCCMumma

    New GCC Mummy

    My husband and I adopted a hand reared GCC at 8 weeks of age, she is now 8months old. I just have a few questions regarding her care and whether I am doing the right thing. Food: I give her a bowl of fresh veg, fruit, nuts & grain as well as a bowl of VetaFarm South American pellets each day (I...
  6. J


    Hello! My name is Jade and I have a Green Cheek Conure. I named him Moses because he has a grey head and I thought I would teach him the 10 commandments when he gets older. He was a gift to me and I don't know how to take care of him. I love him a lot but I feel like if I can, I should find a...
  7. Super Koopa

    Super Koopa