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  1. Picklesmama

    Green cheek conure complaining at bed time

    I know there's a bunch of threads here about this but I still would like some tips for my personal situation. I just got a 3 month old green cheek conure, it's only her second night home so I don't expect this to stop immediately. She's already very attached to me, she spends most of the day...
  2. chloe.millar

    Bree the Pineapple Green Cheek Conure! California

    This is an incredibly difficult post to make, and it has taken years to come to this decision. I’ve posted in this forum multiple times requesting advice on if I’m the best home for my green cheek conure. I got Bree when I was 14 (currently 19) and I wasn’t able to truly grasp what I was...
  3. TeekoGreenCheek


    Teeko is a Cinnamon Conure he was adopted from Pet Smart, he actually wasn't (just honesty) My wife and I walked up to Teeko, and it was love at first sight. He wasn't just ordinary..Teeko was special and, we could tell, he was alone, and he loved the attention. He was scraping...
  4. TeekoGreenCheek

    Green Cheek Hates Big Cage Help?

    I recently adopted a green cheek from pet smart, we fell in love with him from the start, and he is very loving we named him Teeko. Pet smart didnt have his age on the paperwork but id say he is somewhere around 5 to 7 months old. We bought him a smaller cage to ride comfortably in the car on...
  5. M

    How do I stop my young conure from biting?

    Hello guys! I’m new to owning a conure, I’ve owned birds basically my whole life (cockatiels, lovebirds, budgies) so I have a little bit of understanding with these guys. I just got a 3 month old Green Cheek from a bird store about 3 days ago. He seems pretty good with hands and fingers being...
  6. F

    My parrot toe got squished

    My green cheek conure toe got squished by chair casters wheel, What should i do, in my current time the vets are not available now(closed)
  7. crowboy

    Affectionate Bird Suggestions??

    Bonjour, à tous! I'm looking into potentially getting myself a parrot some time in the coming year and was looking for some recommendations. I'd really like to have a very affectionate and cuddly bird that is not too big, but not too small. Noise doesn't bother me too much so long as it's not...
  8. B

    green cheek conure won’t sleep

    I got a 5 year old green cheek conure about 3 days ago and he seems to be having trouble sleeping. He’s in a large cage and i dim the lights slowly for him to go to sleep. once the lights are all the way off i still hear him climbing the bars of the cage and making small squawking sounds for a...
  9. Yeetsa

    never drawn a bird before, how's this look?

    attempted a drawing of my green cheek. opinion? if mods need proof that I made this, I can provide it. don't know how strict the policies on art are here lol
  10. C

    Green Cheek Conure Is Suddenly Aggressive

    Hello, first time posting here. My mother and I have a 8-year old green cheek conure (9 in November) that we've had since he was a baby. While he can sometimes be a bit bitey, the last week or so he's been increasingly aggressive. He'll bite both of us out of nowhere, and a few times he's drawn...
  11. F

    Newborn green cheek disappeared in the nest :(

    This is about a pair of green cheeks living with me. Yesterday I heard a newborn chick. Based on the received bits of advice, I let it be fed by parents. I could still hear the chick's sound at the end of the day before they go to sleep. But since this morning I haven't heard anything :( Opening...
  12. 20161117_124158.jpg


    Kiwi enjoying the lanai.
  13. Lokigreencheek

    Green Cheek Conure Weight

    Hello everyone! I'm new here but I am hoping I can get some insight from the wonderful bird owners here :) I am trying to get some second opinions on the weight of my GCC to see if she really is at a healthy weight. Her vet told me at our last visit in July 2021 that she needed to lose weight...
  14. 20210630_133933.jpg


    Cuddle time! I love this little guy soooo much!
  15. 20210817_085519.jpg


    Spoiled...not quite rotten, but definitely spoiled.
  16. 20210611_143830.jpg


    My YSGCC, Miles, enjoying watching the world go by from the front window. This was his third road trip.
  17. aprilrain

    GCC wont stop screaming to get my attention no matter what I do.

    The Issue: My green cheek has become extraordinarily clingy & he screams whenever he knows I'm home but out of sight. It's extremely high-pitched & can go on forever. I'm trying so so hard but it's not getting better, so I'm asking for help. - I know Conures are loud, I'm not expecting him to...
  18. Little poser.jpg

    Little poser.jpg

    Kiwi likes having pictures taken.
  19. Hat hanger

    Hat hanger

    Kiwi hanging on to the brim of my straw hat.


    Hey everyone, My 3m. GCC sneezes. I've been reading and it says that they occasionally sneeze to clear their nostrils. But frequent sneezing and the discharge of mucus is a cause for concern. Thankfully they're is no mucus and I really don't know how frequent is too frequent. What I have noticed...