indian ring neck

  1. eliholtman

    Flock diversity

    What types of different species of birds do well towhee I'm not talking same cages but just being out of their cages? Do parakeets parrotlets and love birds do well together? Are Indian ringnecks okay to have with other birds Thanks in advance
  2. D

    Hello I am Divyansh and I have come here mainly for my new ringneck.Plz help me !!!

    I am a proud owner of 2 budgies , a ringneck and several finches. Now I am here basically for my ringneck My neighbor bought an indian ringneck baby and as they were unable to take care of it So they have handed him over to me as I am a parent of 2 budgies and several finches. I have hand raised...
  3. H

    IRN training problems.

    Hi. So i got 2 IRN about 2 months ago. In my country its rare to find them trained so i got a younger pair so it would be easy to train them early on. I asked the shopkeeper for the tips and he said that they wont be scared after a month and you can train them to hand feed etc after that. Now...
  4. A

    New Female and Male Indian Ring Necks

    I have a African Grey Parrot which is always at home alone for 9 hours a day while I am at work. So I decided to get her some friends. I decided to buy an Indian Ring neck which I have no experience with. I went to more than 1 Avian shop and looked around. I ended up buying 2 IRNs, male and...
  5. C

    New Addition in the family. INDIAN RING NECK

    Just got an INR last day from some one. he is active and teases my African Grey too much my stealing his food from his cage. He is loosing his feathers may bi because of Molting or may be because of the food previous owner is giving him i.e sunflower seeds only.
  6. C

    IRN 5 week cannot hold himself up, HELP

    Hey Everyone! I'm kind of freaking out and don't know if this is normal! Today I bought a baby yellow Indian Ring neck I was told he's probably around 10 weeks but he looks 5 weeks old, he was in his cage with one other IRN. I have been around a lot of birds but this is my first bird at home. In...
  7. L

    Taming young IRN

    Hello, im new to forum, im Senad (19) and before 1.5 months i got myself a young green IRN (i will maybe post some pictures later on). This bird was not kept alone in cage inside the shop but outside on the open in the bigger cage with its parents and 2 siblings. So when i got her home of-course...
  8. M

    rescued an abused indian ringneck, please help

    the person that lives next door gave me their indian ringneck for free! she said she got it from a family for $50 including its large cage. she told me that the people that had it treated it very badly, its cage was in discusting condition, she told me their kids would poke it with sticks and...
  9. G

    Indian Ring-Neck Advice

    Hi everyone - I have always wanted a parrot, so when my daughter announced that she had volunteered our family to take the highschool biology classes ringneck parrot "Gimpy" I was pretty excited. Here's the thing, she hates most men, and me in particular. She's about eight years old and has...
  10. S

    Suggestion for my 2 new indian ring neck baby

    Hello, I am a beginner about indian ring neck. I have found 2 new ring neck (about 4-6 week). But I am afraid if they are comfortable or not. Here is my observation below please any one suggest me the behaviour is normal or not. Ringneck 1 : Eating good. eaching after bath more. sitting on...
  11. M

    Weaning advice

    Hi guys, Long story short as of yesterday I am now the owner of a breeding pair IRN that came with what are said to be 2 x 6 week old babies. I would prefer them babies not end up caged birds like their parents. Can anyone offer any advice on how to take over care and feeding. I know google...
  12. P

    Charming books for Indian Ringneck fans!

    Just want to recommend Betsy Woodman's Jana Bibi series. Set in an Indian hill town in the early 1960s, its main character is a Scottish woman with a remarkable, talkative Indian Ringneck Parrot named Mr. Ganguly. Very cute, light reading with great characters (especially Mr. Ganguly!) and a...
  13. B

    Please help me!

    Hello, this is my first post! I'm kinda breaking down here so please help me! It's about my birdie baby. There aren't many vets that treat birds also here where I live now so he's the only vet who treats birds also so I went to him but he's really vague if you know what I mean? This angel is my...
  14. B

    Hi There!!

    Hi!! My name is Felicity O'Reilly and I am brand new to being a bird owner. For my 19th birthday my boyfriends mother gave me a 5 week old Indian Ringneck, named biscuit, whose mother have completed plucked him of feathers (including his brothers and sisters) . Sadly poor biscuit had picked up...
  15. Charlie


  16. D

    Placed a Deposit on My IRN

    Hello everyone, I went today to place see and place my deposit on an IRN at a local breeder. Mango is currently 7 weeks old and not fully weaned yet. Thankfully, the breeder is very experienced and handles the birds everyday. I chose Mango because he seemed pretty quiet and wasn't afraid of...
  17. P

    Am I doing it right?

    Hi there. I bought a Blue Indian Ring neck of the age of about 6 months or so in October of 2012. She wasn't tame at all when i got her. She would run away from my hand, bite it and so on. It is April now, so 6 months have passed so she is about 1 years old.She is a lot more tame. She lets me...
  18. H

    Desiring to obtain a ringneck

    Hi everybody. I am possibly getting a ringneck in March:D. From all my research:22: these guys have a charming and intelligent peronalty. The only problem is the breeder has not handled these guys lately :eek:(they are four months old will be Six months when I get mine) and I know they require...
  19. P

    Baby Alex or Baby IRN??

    Hi... we are looking for a new baby bird for our family but I'm so confused. I love the IRN because they look silly :) but they can be nippy :( too. A lot of people are telling that the Alex's are really good. I watched a lot of videos the Alex's looks more quite and not silly at all. Which one...
  20. C

    Are any of these cages big enough for a IRN?

    Prevue Hendryx Large Black Flight Bird Cage - Outdoor Aviary Cages and Parakeet Flight Cages from A&E Cages Wrought Iron Flight Bird Cage - Cages & Stands - Bird - PetSmart Forte Flight Cage by A&E Cages I am looking for a cage under $200 (THE CHEAPER THE BETTER!!!!!!) for an Indian...