indian ring neck

  1. A

    Help New to rising a Baby IRN

    Hello I am trying to get some help with people that have more experience with these types of birds. I have a 5-7 week old Indian Ringneck. I got it about 2 weeks ago. It was growing really nicely and was climbing his cage, which then we upgraded him to a bigger cage, so he could have more...
  2. M

    My new irp is suddenly scared and wants to escape

    hello! So my story began when I wanted to buy my mom a bird using my first job salary! She always dreamt of owning a bird and taking care of it so I figured I'd get one for our house. I went to get maybe a budgie, but ended up falling in love with the most kindhearted and polite IRP! The owner...
  3. Nikkki

    Please help. Indian Ringneck "attacking" us.

    Hi fellow bird lovers, I have a beautiful grey Indian Ringneck (Alfonso) who turned 1 on November 21st. We're quite certain he's a male as I've seen him. doing what looks like a mating dance with some of his toys but he hasn't developed his ring yet. We brought home a beautiful 4 month old...
  4. mybluebirb

    How many pellets do I give?

    Hello! Anyone else have an indian ringneck who eats Harrison’s adult lifetime coarse pellets? If so how many pellets do you give them daily? Anyone else who has these pellets please share how many you give your parrot and what breed they are! Thank you! ^-^
  5. A

    New Parrot Mom here

    I just purchased a 2 month old ringneck that the owner said was tamed. She clicked right away with my husband, but me on the other hand, she hates. I cannot even hold her or try to open her cage without attacking. Just now she wanted to sit on my shoulder and I thought she was being sweet, then...
  6. mybluebirb

    What’s your IRN’s weight?

    Hii! My IRN’s average weight is about 127g and I think she’s around 8 years old (we don’t know for sure) however she’s put on a few grams recently 🫣 Her diet consists of Harrison’s pellets and fruit/veggies with the occasional almond/peanut as a treat! Drop your IRN’s average weight and age...
  7. mybluebirb

    Weight gain and hard chest??

    Hello! My indian ringneck parrot layed 2 (infertile) eggs early last month, it was her first time and it was soo stressful for me! 😭 Ever since then, I’ve been weighing her regularly to notice any changes in her weight. I’ve found that when she wakes up she’s 121g, and by the end of the day...
  8. BlazeyKitty

    MY IRN likes to bite my ears, how to stop this behavior?

    As the tile of the post says, my IRN likes to bite ears and earrings and its really painful :cry: how can I make this behavior stop or be less frequent?
  9. indianringnecks

    Need help from expert IRN owners

    Hey so i bought a male 3 year old indian ringneck parrot 2 weeks and a half ago, and hes been oddly quiet and he seems to have seperation anxiety or depression i am not sure what i can do about it but i am confident something is wrong with him and I know he needs some sort of treatment but i...
  10. maribo

    Take him with me or no

    we are taking a road trip on Oct 13-17, but With My birds bacterial infection, is it best to take him? he is already stressed and sick, and it can result in him being more stressed when we are driving; it’s an 11-hour drive. He is taking antibiotics. I have no one that can look after him. My...
  11. maribo


    Hello, I noticed bird poop stuck on his but area. It had some poop stuck on his feathers. This the first time that it has happened. I cleaned it off with warm water and a cloth. He is sleeping right now, he doesn’t seem to be active. He is pooping, he pooped on my hand and on the floor. I did...
  12. Z

    Cold Feet

    Hey, I have a 13 year old male Indian ring neck and he just came with me to college after moving states. We went from the Westcoast to the Midwest, so it’s a pretty drastic climate change. Not only that he went from being an inside and outside bird to an only inside bird. Him and my other bird a...
  13. maribo

    Don’t know what to do

    I currently have a four-month Indian ringneck, and it's been sick for a while now. We've had him for a month now. It has high white blood cells, and the doctor said he has chronic inflammation and will need more antibiotics. The breeder from where I got it from had a warranty to take it back...
  14. P

    What color is he?

    I adopted this male recently and his previous owners said his color is called “placid” and that they think he is an albino. I’m suspicious though, because he does have a slight ring. In certain lighting he also has a blue tint to his feathers, but in general he just looks white to me. So I’m...
  15. A

    Indian ringnecks babies feet turning purple

    Hi there, I would appreciate any advice on this situation, I’m not sure if I haven’t noticed till now or it’s a sudden on set. But two of my babies have now purple feet. Pics attached. They are around 1 1/2 to 2 weeks old. Is this something I should be concerned about or is it just pigmentation?
  16. L

    My Indian Ringnecks are very quiet.

    I got 2 Indian Ringnecks from a family member recently (1 month and a half) and since i got them, they have been abnormally quiet. I know this might sound weird coming from someone on this site but im really not a bird person, they belong to my sister, so im generally too scared to play with...
  17. S

    My baby IRN is closing its one eye

    Hey everyone! So I have two baby IRN about 35 days old and Sona (the elder one he's exactly about 38 days old) and he has been closing one of his eyes for a while but it wasn't a lot and even now there is no discharge, no red-eye nothing it's just closing its eyes. Nonetheless, I was concerned...
  18. S

    My baby IRN is sleeping ALOT

    Hey! My two IRN's are about a month old now and they're developing feathers. I got them when they were 12 and 14 days old and during that time all they did was eat, poop, and sleep which was understandable. But now the thing that's concerning me is even after being a month old they're still...
  19. U

    Help with Pellets

    Hi everyone. New member here. Hope everyone is doing well. I wanted some help with selecting pellets for my Indian ringneck. Unfortunately, I do not have access to a lot of highly rated pellets like Harrisons here, and they cost a lot to get them imported. But I do have access to certain...
  20. M

    IRN cage upgrade!

    So I've had my ringneck for around 4 days now and is pretty skittish and freaks out when I go too close to his cage. The current cage has bowls that I have to stick my hand into the cage to change and doing this causing my IRN to go crazy. So I've decided to upgrade to one that has dedicated...