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  1. LalaH

    New to the Forum

    Hi everyone! I am new to the forum and also a new Indian Ringneck Mom. Kiwi is about 18 months old and we are getting to know each other very slowly. He has not been socialized at all and is very nervous. He doesn’t show any aggression just the avoidance and startled fluttering in his cage. My...
  2. MorganKay

    New to 'toos

    Hello! I've been scrolling through this forum for a few days now reading anything I can find relevant to galah cockatoos, but decided joining the discussion myself will likely be more productive in the long run, so here I am XD I've been in love with galah cockatoos for years now, they're one...
  3. S

    Hello Everyone, Your Babies Are Beautiful!

    Hey everyone! I'm new to the forums here and stumbled upon this forum in my quest to find information on how to properly take care of our feathered friends. I've always wanted to have a bird ever since I saw the movie Jurassic Park oddly enough as a kid. They've always fascinated me as well as...
  4. Billdore

    Brand Spanking New

    I've been thinking about making a new addition to the family. I'm just now seriously researching which type of parrot would fit for me. I'm home a lot and have a lot of space. Money is an issue so I wondered what the monthly fees and vet bills look like. I would like to offer premium care so...
  5. T

    hello from IL

    I would like to first introduce myself, although, new to this forum, I am the proud owner of two female Goffins. My first bird, E-E, i adopted from a previous owner who told me she lost all her feathers at once..(I was an il-informed newby). Fortunately, I learned very quickly that she has major...
  6. DannysaxT

    Hi there, New to forum... Jardines anyone?

    Hi There, My name is Danny and I live in Manchester. I have been looking around for a breeder of Jardine parrots and wandered if anyone could help? Cheers, Danny
  7. Richelle


    Hi my name's Richelle and I'm new to the parrot forum. A few months ago i lost my sun conure, Tikki. I bought him a new happy hut and he chewed it over night and got caught in the threads--he strangled on it. I have to say I know a lot of owners have happy huts for their birds but even the...