1. cardinalMom

    Cardinal as domestic pet?

    Hello everyone, I am very new to this forum and because there isn't much information about this topic I would like to get some advice here. I live in Germany. Cardinals are unknown here as they do not exist in the wild, but I have a deep love and appreciation for them because I am originally...
  2. T

    Newly added people

    Hi everyone, my name is Ty Marsh. I own Ty's Parrot Rescue in Steelton pa. :white1: :orange: :red1: :grey:
  3. Huda_bird

    Petting help

    My little guy will often fly to me and land on me. He'll step up whenever I want him to and will even fly into whatever room I'm in. He doesn't like to be petted. He'll step away, fly away or even step on to the other hand that's trying to pet him. How can I get him to be comfortable and let me...
  4. E

    Want to buy a parrot.

    Good afternoon, I came to this forum, because I want to buy a parrot. Now I need some advise from you guys. I would like to have a parrot who follows me around and likes to sit in the shoulder. What do you guys think is a good parrot? He should be bigger than a cockatiel. Emil Horstmann
  5. Loz

    Dora... the Explorer?

    Exciting news! :D Today I brought my 9 week old green rumped parrotlet home and have decided to name her Dora. At the moment, she is in the top corner of her cage and she made a small sweet sound whilst I "sang" along to music. Sorry Dora. From now onwards, this is where I'll be posting our...
  6. M

    Likes someone better?

    Hello, I got a conure about a month ago and I have been trying to get her used to everything. I have tried to pet her and sometimes she will flap her wings or quickly move her beak to my finger as a warning but if my mom tries to do it, my bird lets her. I feed my bird everyday and take her out...
  7. Being Cute

    Being Cute

    Sunny in the kitchen.
  8. H

    Happy Hello Everyone

    My name is Shannon and I adopted an 8 year old RB 5 months ago. Everyone called me crazy for a couple of reasons... #1. I am a first time bird owner. #2. The bird spent the first 8 years of his life in a barn with about 15 other birds. Very little human interaction. ( not tame at all)...
  9. Jamie_95

    Taming young budgies ?

    So one of my younger brothers and I are THINKING about getting a little baby budgie or two from our local bird breeder. And i was going to try to tame them and make them a bit social. When i was younger our family always had budgies, but we eventually upgraded to Lovebirds. And now i kind of...
  10. HusseinBerjaoui

    My Parrot lets me touch his beak though cage bars but never touch his forehead?

    So whenever I wanna touch or stroke my parrot's head, I get a bite intention. But when he gets his beak out though the cage bars, I can safely touch and stroke his beak. When I go upper to his head, he makes a baby-like voice and gets away. He's a Jardine, I guess over a year old, not sure. But...
  11. HusseinBerjaoui

    Help me please with my Parrot, I'm new

    So I've got my new Jardine Parrot three days ago, I absolutely know nothing about it, neither its age nor its gender (We don't have the leg band thing in my country, and I don't trust the pet store who told me it's 3 months old, around the iris is dark red and not black.) This is my second...
  12. Judy, My Sweet Amazon

    Judy, My Sweet Amazon

    This is my Yellow Nape. She is 26 years old and still as pert and happy as she was the day I got her when she was three months old. She is a part of me. I love her dearly, but I am going to have to sell her because of my health.
  13. My Sweet Judy

    My Sweet Judy

    These are pics of my bird. I have had 26 years. She eats with me, used to sleep with me, and she is a part of me. I love her dearly.
  14. vasiana

    Where NOT to pet a parrot?

    Paco is a Yellow Crowned Amazon and he’s been with me since January. He just turned 1 year old and he is my everything! :) Every afternoon, when I return from work, I let him out of his cage so he can fly to a tree-stand and play around. He also likes to be pet A LOT!!! As I had no previous...
  15. K

    Parakeet help!! psychological problem?

    Please help!! My parakeet Tweety is not comfortable out of her cage. I've had her for 4 years. She is always scared and watchful of everything, she tries to find a corner in the house that she can sit undisturbed, when she finds one she stays there. she was always the shy and guiet type...