1. H

    Constant Head Bobbing

    I'm a new Quaker owner and about four days of being home, he started to Bob his head... Constantly! Till he wakes up until he sleeps, I've read that Quaker babies will do this a lot but I wouldn't imgained to this extent! The head bobbing is accociated with wing flaps and squawking.
  2. N

    New 4 month old Quaker baby! All tips/tricks welcome!

    Hi everyone! New Quaker parent here :) I've had my little Nova for about 2 weeks now and I absolutely ADORE the bones off her. I have a few questions I'm hoping some of you can answer for me if that's okay. 1. Taming I've got budgies that I managed to tame myself and I'm guessing the...
  3. Zazu


    Hi Every Birdy I'm Zazu!! I'm new to this Forum. I'm 10 weeks old and Love my new home with my little boy and my dad.
  4. Zazu


    Hi Every Birdy I'm Zazu!! I'm new to this Forum. I'm 10 weeks old and Love my new home with my little boy and my dad.
  5. S

    Trying to find the right bird for me

    Hi! I'm currently trying to find what bird would be best for me. I've been researching Meyers Parrots, Quaker Parrots, Eclectus Parrots, Senegal Parrots. I'm stuck and can't seem to figure out how to weigh the pros and cons I don't live in an apartment so if a bird is louder it's okay but I'm...
  6. O

    Plucking or Molting?

    Recently I’ve noticed some feathers missing on my quakers left leg. The rest of his body appears to be fine but as the days have been passing more and more feathers have dissapeares off of his leg. I fear that he may be plucking, altough he hasn’t been acting out of the norm, so I’m also...
  7. missivy

    HELP! My Quaker Hates when I do My Makeup!

    Hello. So here is the situation. We have had our blue quaker parrot Indy for almost 2 years now. He was about 6 months old when we bought him from a local pet store. (knowing what we know now about bird sactuaries and the rehoming rate of parrots, we will adopt any future birds, but thats a...
  8. See Me

    See Me

  9. A

    Need help with Quaker Parrot

    Hello, I wanted to ask for advice on a parrot that is owned by a family who hasn’t done their research on the matter. It’s rather long so I apologize for that, but I really need help with this My girlfriend owns a four and a half year old Quaker Parrot, with a bit of a messy history before...
  10. K

    Charlie the hair puller

    Hello everyone, First time posting. I have a female Quaker parrot named Charlie. I have had her for a year now, and she is just over a year old. I am having some issues with her pulling hair. When we first got her she would preen us a little bit, but it was super gentle, and now its non stop...
  11. D

    Quaker Nutrition

    So, I know that a well rounded diet of pellets and fresh fruits/vegetables is most important for our feathered babies but my question is... Is there a particular ratio of these nutrients that Quakers are supposed to have on a daily basis? I know with Eclectus, the ratio is no less than 60%...
  12. M

    Companion for a Caique

    Hello everyone! I am looking into getting a Caique. I have much experience with birds due to the fact I work with birds for a living. One of the species I am just starting to work with though are Caique and I love these little guys. I have worked with them for about 2 months now. Anyways I have...
  13. M

    New Bird

    Hello everyone! I am new to the threads! I have a Quaker parrot that comes home with me from work on the weekends named Gus. I love birds and work with parrots. What kind of birds tend to get along with Quakers and does anyone have any stories to share? Thank you!:green2::green2:
  14. C

    Wing feathers

    :greenyellow: Hey! I've had my quaker parrot Sol since February. I've posted before about her scared nature, and although she's not any less people shy, she's a happy bird. Chirps a lot, plays with her toys, and eats well. I worried a lot the stress of people around would cause her to pluck but...
  15. C

    So scared it breaks my heart.

    I recently came to own a sweet quaker parrot, her name is Sol! I call her my little soul bird. She's a happy bird who loves her toys and cage, but is TERRIFIED of people. She's been this way since we got her from the pet store. She won't bite, but her little heart will race, she trembles, and...
  16. K

    20yo hen - food related seizures

    My littlest bird, Quacker, is a 20yo hen who I've had since she was 14 weeks of age. I don't feed a processed diet, they get fresh cooked daily. The base of the diet is mixed grained pastas (all the alternative gluten-free pastas with wheat based hidden veggie pastas as well), grains, fresh...
  17. M

    Choosing a bird, PLEASE HELP :(

    Hello all, This is my first time posting here so i hope i dont mess up :S I have owned many budgies in the past and have loved every one of them. However, now i would like to buy a bigger bird as i think i am ready. I have been looking at either a Quaker or an Indian ringneck. I would like to...
  18. Juno

    Questions about adding another bird to the family!

    Hello everyone! Just have some questions about adding a second birdie to the family :) So currently I have Juno (pearly conure) who is about a year old. She is very friendly, has flight and gets along with our budgies when theyre in the same room. I have hardly any problems with her. Now my...
  19. A

    Please help new scared Quaker

    I got a blue Quaker 3 days ago and I left it alone first day, second day if I approached cage it growls now it's growling even when I'm on other side of room, Last night I opened cage doors as the cage he came in is way to small so not only do I want him to come out to socialise outside the...
  20. Boyd75

    Popular quaker pellet diets

    Hey, what do you guys use for pellet diets with your quakers?