1. PapayaTheQuaker


    Hi! I know its normal for parrots to sneeze 1-2 a day but papaya sneezes a little bit more than that and I'm wondering what could be the cause of it? I do keep my house a little bit chilly and I am wondering if that would be the cause of it? I ready that if you shower with your bird it could...
  2. T

    New Bird Alert!

    Hello! My names Titan and I just recently joined Parrot Forums with the hope of learning new ways to give my birds the best life possible. I currently have one male cockatiel named Phish who I’ve had for around 6 months now. Sometimes he’s a little demon but I love him regardless. I also decided...
  3. M

    Hi we’re new here

    Hi everyone, We’re new here. We being my Blue Quaker Sugar Cookie, and me, mikki. Sugar for short is 5 months old. Almost 6. I call her a girl because of her size. She’s small for a Quaker, weighing in at 78 grams. Vet said she 100 percent fine. All her blood word is great. She’s just...
  4. X

    Plucking and Frustrated

    Hello, Marco is my Quaker Parrot. He/She is around 1.5-2 years old and we’ve had him for about a year. Marco has been kept in a huge cage with two other lovebirds, and they’ve gotten along pretty well! About two weeks ago, one lovebird spontaneously died (appeared paralyzed one morning then died...
  5. O

    Pellet brands available in Australia, Quakers like?

    Hi all, i've been trying to get our little Quaker to swap over to pellets from seeds. I'm about a week into trying consistent conversion tactics but she seems to thwart all my efforts! Current pellet brand i'm trying is Vetafarm South American Pellets which is what i was told to get for her...
  6. O

    Round Worms found in droppings

    So we just got our Quaker (Blue) a new cage and were just about to attempt the transfer process today but my partner noticed this in one of Blues recent droppings. It's a round worm and roughly 3cm long. Looked this up and the life cycle of roundworms is roughly 6-8 weeks from egg to adult. As...
  7. O

    Other ways of training "step up" onto finger

    Hi all, Blue and the rest of the family are going well, i think having her out and about all day has done heaps for helping us all bond with her. Still a bit tricky getting her back into the cage but we'll get there. She's actually very affectionate even if she's not comofortable around hands...
  8. PapayaTheQuaker

    Need Advice on Aggressive Quaker

    Hi everyone, I'm new to this community but I'm very excited to be a part of it. I have an 8-month-old quaker that I've had for a couple of months now. I got Papaya from Petco they were actually about to transfer him to a different store and I told them to stop because I am getting him...
  9. B

    Doesn't want to play with toys

    Hi Everyone! I have a 16 year old blue quaker nicknamed Syd. I am thankful to have grown up with him since he was about 3 or 4 months old (can't remember). As he has gotten older he doesn't want to play with toys. He sits all day on his perch and sleeps while fluffed up. I took him to the avian...
  10. D

    4 year old starting to bite

    Hi, my Dori is 4 1/2 years old, I have had here since she was a baby. She has recently started biting HARD. For example, sitting on my shoulder she will just out of the blue, bite my ear ... not the gently preening nibbles. The other day I had my hand out for her to step up and she just bit the...
  11. H

    Constant Head Bobbing

    I'm a new Quaker owner and about four days of being home, he started to Bob his head... Constantly! Till he wakes up until he sleeps, I've read that Quaker babies will do this a lot but I wouldn't imgained to this extent! The head bobbing is accociated with wing flaps and squawking.
  12. N

    New 4 month old Quaker baby! All tips/tricks welcome!

    Hi everyone! New Quaker parent here :) I've had my little Nova for about 2 weeks now and I absolutely ADORE the bones off her. I have a few questions I'm hoping some of you can answer for me if that's okay. 1. Taming I've got budgies that I managed to tame myself and I'm guessing the...
  13. Zazu


    Hi Every Birdy I'm Zazu!! I'm new to this Forum. I'm 10 weeks old and Love my new home with my little boy and my dad.
  14. Zazu


    Hi Every Birdy I'm Zazu!! I'm new to this Forum. I'm 10 weeks old and Love my new home with my little boy and my dad.
  15. S

    Trying to find the right bird for me

    Hi! I'm currently trying to find what bird would be best for me. I've been researching Meyers Parrots, Quaker Parrots, Eclectus Parrots, Senegal Parrots. I'm stuck and can't seem to figure out how to weigh the pros and cons I don't live in an apartment so if a bird is louder it's okay but I'm...
  16. O

    Plucking or Molting?

    Recently I’ve noticed some feathers missing on my quakers left leg. The rest of his body appears to be fine but as the days have been passing more and more feathers have dissapeares off of his leg. I fear that he may be plucking, altough he hasn’t been acting out of the norm, so I’m also...
  17. missivy

    HELP! My Quaker Hates when I do My Makeup!

    Hello. So here is the situation. We have had our blue quaker parrot Indy for almost 2 years now. He was about 6 months old when we bought him from a local pet store. (knowing what we know now about bird sactuaries and the rehoming rate of parrots, we will adopt any future birds, but thats a...
  18. See Me

    See Me

  19. A

    Need help with Quaker Parrot

    Hello, I wanted to ask for advice on a parrot that is owned by a family who hasn’t done their research on the matter. It’s rather long so I apologize for that, but I really need help with this My girlfriend owns a four and a half year old Quaker Parrot, with a bit of a messy history before...
  20. K

    Charlie the hair puller

    Hello everyone, First time posting. I have a female Quaker parrot named Charlie. I have had her for a year now, and she is just over a year old. I am having some issues with her pulling hair. When we first got her she would preen us a little bit, but it was super gentle, and now its non stop...