step up

  1. Rsells

    I need help.

    My 6 year old African Grey has stopped stepping up. A week after I brought him home I took him to the vet and since then he will have nothing to do with me. However, he still whistles, talks, and is eating. Once I go near him he goes to the furthest part of his cage but he will still eat...
  2. dancing_conure

    Cinnamon Conure doesn't want to go back into her cage!

    Hey guys :) Papaya, my cinnamon green cheek conure doesn't like going back into her cage after she is let out. I have tried so many different methods such as coaxing her onto a stick, turning off the light and shining a torch inside the cage, and putting her favourite treats inside but she just...
  3. HeatherG

    Quaker Parakeet ‘punishment bites’

    Yesterday, Willow Quaker didn’t want to come out, so I left his cage open and got Jasper out. I was petting Jasper and talking to him and guess who came tearing out of his cage? So I stepped Willow up and and put him on my shoulder, petted Jasper a bit more, and put Jasper back in his house...
  4. L

    Help with My B&G

    Lola is a rescue and she is very sweet and loving. I have no history on her except that except that she's been living with a wonderful couple for the last 2 years that had rescued her from a chain smoking asthmatic. The lady that rescued her already had a macaw and there was a power struggle...
  5. PXL_20210915_173104454.jpg


    Orinoco/Pirate and me. This is our first time stepping up!! We were both very happy about it.
  6. K

    african grey horomone and training issues

    for context, i have a rescue african grey parrot. we saved him from emotionally neglectful owners and he has made an excelent recovery. I have bonded with him and he has learned slowly to be more comfortable around my hands and he lets me rub his head and work around his cage without fear. he is...
  7. P

    Step Up Onto Hand Succession Progress

    Since starting the stick training, Mofu has really began to start liking my attention and often seeks me out. This past week alone, I have become her favourite climbing toy, something I'd have never expected a month ago of a bird who only likes to be on the ground. She still has a strong...
  8. P

    Mofu Update - Finally Stepping Up

    It's been 28 days since I ended up rescuing Mofu, my red rumped parakeet. While there's still so much we need to build up on, particularly on her confidence, we're proud to say she is finally beginning to figure out how to Step Up. I've found that currently she...
  9. O

    Other ways of training "step up" onto finger

    Hi all, Blue and the rest of the family are going well, i think having her out and about all day has done heaps for helping us all bond with her. Still a bit tricky getting her back into the cage but we'll get there. She's actually very affectionate even if she's not comofortable around hands...
  10. B

    New Cockatoo Step Up Troubles

    Hi, I'm new to this forum and I was looking for some advice about a bird I recently adopted. Nemo is a 7 year old Umbrella Cockatoo, and I've had him for two and a half months. He was rehomed twice before I got him. So far, he's very polite and sweet, although extremely reserved for a...
  11. G

    I have a red Lored Amazon

    My red Lored Amazon belonged to a man who had Alzheimer's and did not know how to take care of a bird. He fed the bird everything he ate, including but not limited too, fried chicken, pork chops, coffee, etc. His beak was over-grown, and it doesnt seem to go down much even with a sand paper...
  12. N

    He won't step up!!!

    So me and yoshi, my GCC seemed to be on the right path in forming a bond - he started taking food from my hand through his cage, then inside the cage and then from the palm of my hand all in the same week after 1 month. But now we seem to have reached a stagnant point in which he refuses to step...
  13. generalgibby

    My Conure keeps flying off after stepping up?!

    My Black Capped conure use to step up and stay like a pro. But as of late he keeps flying off every time he steps up. I’m not sure if he is afraid of us because we did trim his nails last week, but it’s nothing he hasn’t done before and we didn’t hit the quick and hurt him or anything. Also, he...
  14. T

    Me and my first bird, Atlas. Help ;-;

    Hello, my name is Erica and I got my first bird last month, a female pearl cockatiel named Atlas. After years of research I finally found me a cockatiel to call my own. My pet shop changed owners and in the new location I found her with her mate. Originally, the pet shop wasn’t selling her...
  15. Sunnybirb

    New b&g macaw who has been rehomed a lot, biting and toy aggression

    We've had Sunny the blue and gold macaw for under a month. I'm new to owning a large parrot and spent a lot of time researching. Sunny has been very adaptable, loving, and trusting, considering everything she's been through. I don't know her age or how many homes she's been through in all (at...
  16. Cthebird

    He refuses to come out of his cage on demand

    My pet Hahn's macaw will not come out of his cage on demand. We present our finger in his cage near him to "Step Up", and he either moves away, attempts to bite our fingers, or hangs on to the side of the cage for dear life. My husband is determined that I get him to step up from within his...
  17. Billdore

    Help Training to Step Up

    I am currently looking to take home a 1 1/2 year old Timneh African Grey Parrot.l Hes had a crappy home and the local pet store bought him and has been giving him a nice home. He hasnt had any training and is slowly becoming more socialized thanks to the pet store. I dont believe he was...
  18. S

    Teaching a congo to step up, help!

    Hello I have a female congo who is around 3 years old, I've tried to train her with a stick but it frightens her :( and if I use my hand she just ignores it? what should I do??
  19. S

    New Galah Cockatoo

    So I brought home a new (12 year old) Galah cockatoo from a bird expo that I went to in Madison Heights MI. I had been looking for a bird for awhile. He was affectionate through the cage and seemed to really enjoy head scratches. After a stressful day getting him home, he is settling in his...
  20. Transylvania

    "Perch" then "step up"?

    While observing avian zookeepers when they're getting birds out of their cages, I've noticed that they'll tell the bird to "perch" (so the bird calmly stands on a perch right next to the door) before they open the door and have it "step up" on their hand. Is this a common training technique...