Still working on that first step: update on Jakey


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Aug 18, 2015
25 year old Catalina Macaw
Well Jakey and I are still working on leaving the cage, and I really need support so even though there is not much to update I'm posting an update anyway. Things are going pretty much how any one would suspect with Jakey at the moment. I decided to use the towel method to get him out of the cage. It seemed to go really well actually. Of course he didn't step up but I wasn't expecting him to the first time. He didn't try to bite me at all that time. He just kind of talked to me and accepted treats and it was all very sweet. I definitely got too ambitious after that. I started offering my arm to step up every time we interacted which overwhelmed him. And I really bungled things up by putting both arms in his cage. He thought I was going to grab him and was terrified. So now he wont let me touch him at all. It definitely feels like we took a step back, but at least its helping me learn his limits and body language better. I just had to learn by getting some pretty nasty bites.
Sometimes I feel very disheartened and I'm constantly looking for answers to figure out how I can help him the fastest. I am going to start clicker training tomorrow. I've had good experiences with clicker training with the other animals I've trained in the past. (I'll just use voice affirmations to start. I think the click sound would be scary.) It's pretty heartbreaking to see how bored and frustrated he gets these days, doing some training should help with that a lot. It will give me a valid reason to give him banana chips rather than just sitting here hand feeding him which is so tempting when he gets sad.
If anyone has advice on working with cage bound birds I would appreciate that so much! Honestly emotional support is what I need more than anything else. :(

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